10 Foods that are nutritious Small staff

sometimes, we used to use the same kind of ingredients in our meals and we left food very nutritious, and for which we don’t give them more importance, often don’t know that they have a great nutritional content and often because they simply don’t conhecimos their names .

however, to help you meet other types of nutritious foods, here is a collection of food amazing can be only those that you need to get the level of nutritional and health that you was looking for and didn’t know which food to arrive:

1. Turnip Swedish:

These turnips are also known by the name “rutabaga”, that contains a very good amount of complex of vitamin C and B, besides being an excellent dietary fiber for digestion, contains magnesium, phosphorus and folic acid, also thanks to its high water content is great to make the stomach satisfied quickly, without eating as much, and that is why more and more people are increasing their diets.

2. Dandelion:

If you are looking for vitamin K, you can find more than 200% of the daily amount that is usually recommended inside of the teeth-of lion-raw. In addition, they give vitamin C, iron, calcium and potassium, making it an excellent ingredient to add to sauces or even drink as tea.

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3. Cauliflower:

These foods, in the form of small trees with white, are often forgotten and are only used for the preparation of a tan, leaving aside their properties for weight loss, vitamin C, good content as dietary fiber, its content in folic acid and calcium, it is also known that the cauliflower is excellent for controlling problems of retention of liquids.

4. Guava:

why settle For eating only bananas and apples, if there is more fruit out there? Such is the case of the guava which contains more antioxidants that fight and prevent cancer than other fruits, and guava also has the advantage of being eaten raw, so that the licopenos that contains are not lost.

5. Celery:

Although celery may be one of the diets most famous for the diet and also as an excellent diuretic, unfortunately it is used very little in revenues from the day-to-day, except in the exceptions. Many people do not know that they can take advantage of the properties of this delicious food in recipes such as rice, salads, juices, sauces, and snacks.

6. Cherries:

These delicious foods can be used not only to decorate the top of the desserts, but also salads, desserts and even juices delicious. The caloric intake of the cherries is very low, while by its sweet taste if you believe otherwise, know that these little red fruits are good to fight the cells that can cause cancer and also inflammation, also thanks to its content in acid Elagic and Quercetin are able to prevent the growth of cancer cells and tumors, as well as how they can combat the depressive mood.

7. Amaranth and millet:

These are whole grain with many nutritional properties, but sometimes we do not remember that there are, on the one hand is amaranth, which contains a high content of protein, rich in minerals and vitamins A, B, C, B1, B2, B3 is also an excellent source of folic acid, iron and phosphorus, as well as an excellent source of amino acids such as lysine. On the other hand, the millet contains more protein than can be found in the rice and in a cup of millet can be found almost two times more fiber in a cup of rice regulates the case that this cereal is small, although it is one of The carbohydrates provide a lot of energy and do not produce increases in blood glucose and, if it is sufficient, they do not contain gluten!

8. Beans:

beans can be found in different colors that are white, green, or red. These foods are carbohydrates absorption slow and it has been proven that these small food will help people who suffer from high cholesterol, to reduce a lot of the cholesterol levels also regulate the levels in the blood and the production of insulin in our body. The beans contain protein, fiber and antioxidants that prevent cancer.

9. Sardines:

Although the taste of the food is not as delicious for some people, you may know that this food is one of the best ways to get omega 3 acids can change the decision of these people to think about adding it to your diet.

The sardines help lower triglyceride levels and improve the blood flow, in addition to reducing the risk of a person suffering from thrombosis or atherosclerosis. Contains vitamin B12, B1 and vitamin A, e And D.

it is Known that the sardine is one of the foods most complete, it also helps the nervous system and helps to improve vision, especially in people who have a vision very poor at night. The sardine is recommended from an early age, because it contributes to the growth and strengthening of bones.

10. Cress:

watercress is excellent to include as a food essential in the diet, since it is very low in calories will help you not run out of energy, it contains more calcium than milk through dense and does not contribute to fat, also contains vitamin C , iron, vitamin A and K, plus carotenoids, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Improves bronchitis, respiratory system, prevents fluid retention, diabetes, anorexia and improves the health of the liver. It is known that, when consumed when suffering from cough or cold, the watercress helps to decrease and control the symptoms of these diseases, it also helps that the diseases may heal more quickly through the strengthening of the immune system.