5 sexual positions ideal for women short

If you are a woman short, certainly you don’t always feel comfortable with the sex , so, here, we tell you what are the best sexual positions for women short .

The first thing that you should do is talk with your partner about your concern, because if you do not feel comfortable with some positions , your partner should be the first to know.

once you spoke, it will be time to put these new sexual positions in practice.

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sexual Positions for women short

At the time of sex, it does not matter, however, when you have relationships with someone much taller than you, you can become a little complicated. Check how to fix:

1. Sitting

They can do it in an armchair so that they are more comfortable. Let it sit and then sit on it. You can be from the front or from the front.

With this position, you can control the speed and movements without any inconvenience due to the height.

2. teaspoon

When there is a height difference with your partner , this sexual position is ideal. The advantage here is that your kid can get up to the required height for the penetration no matter how low you are.

Lie down in a position of teaspoon , both lying down and in profile, let it penetrate and take advantage of the orgasm .

3. Koala

This Is a sexual positions for women short more enjoyable. Just let your child carry it in front while you wraps his legs around the waist.

4. Cowgirl

For this position sexual your boy should lie down on your back, while you sit kneeling on it in front or in back.

in This position, you control the movements and the height is not a problem. They can do it in bed or on the floor on a rug.

5. Pleasure

For this position, you must sit up in bed, on the table or any firm surface next.

Let him stand in front of you so that he can begin to penetrate it.

If you are short, you can put on any surface without a problem and enjoy a moment of pleasure and unforgettable time.

You no longer have excuses, try different sexual positions until you find the most enjoyable for both.

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