5 tips to control cravings and pre-menstrual

Cravings before menstruation or premenstrual attack the majority of the women once per month. They arise due to the change in hormones and, unfortunately, we can’t help you.

Some women have a bad mood, want to cry with the slightest provocation and others want to eat everything that is placed in front of them.

The excessive increase of the appetite before the menstrual period is one of the most common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome that usually starts with the ovulation.

While we can’t avoid it completely, give you a few tips that will help you control the excess hunger and cravings before the period.

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How to control cravings before your period

When you feel an uncontrollable hunger that you usually do not feel on other days of the month, it’s time to apply these tips:

1. Take a spin around

Even if you feel that you have to eat urgently, you must be strong. Is probably what you least want, but the best thing you can do to control it is exercise .

Try as well and give it a spin, this will make you forget the desire and enter in total harmony with your body.

2. Eat with moderation

If it takes you hours trying to control it, and the desire grows, eat something, but control the amount.

Eat a small portion of potatoes or a couple of tablespoons of your favorite dessert. Some experts point out that a piece of dark chocolate with coarse sea salt instantly remove the desire for something sweet and salty.

3. Grab a cup of tea

sometimes you don’t have any desire for a particular flavor, you simply have to anxiety eating something. The best thing to soothe it is with tea.

it Is proven that hot water makes you feel satisfied and takes away the desire.

Grab all cups of tea that are required to take the desire and try not to add sugar to make it more healthy.

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4. Eat popcorn

Although the popcorn is very healthy, this does not mean that you should eat a large portion. You can eat three small cups to feel satisfied.

it Is very important that these are popcorn natural, you can prepare them with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a little salt.

5. Enjoy your time eating

If you do not support the desire for an ice cream or a sweet, you eat, but take the opportunity to have a pleasant experience.

You can ask a friend or your boyfriend to accompany you to buy the one you like best and forget about the guilt for the calories the next day.

Take something to his whim and enjoy it as much as you can.

Feeling with a lot of hunger and cravings before the menstruation is completely normal and if you follow these tips, your weight and health need not be at risk.

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