7 natural remedies to prevent migraines

The migraine in women between 18 and 25 years is one of the most frequent causes that makes people entering the emergency room of the hospitals.

migraine is a severe headache that is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, which causes the person to be extremely restless during an attack. Although it is not a condition that does not endanger the life of the person who suffers, it greatly affects the lives of the people.

During an episode of migraine, usually the person can not do absolutely nothing, rather than lie down in bed, without noise and in the dark. As we can see, for those who have this problem it is essential to find a solution that will allow you to have a normal life.

The treatment can be divided into two classes: treatment during the episode of pain and preventive treatment.

When a person has two episodes of migraine in a month is said to have a chronic migraines and, in general, are patients who receive preventive medical treatment. If the episodes are more spaced, a preventive treatment is not usually administered.

The problem with these treatments is that they are medications that require a prescription, and that generally have side effects are not so pleasant. For all of this, to be able to do a natural treatment that has no side effects and to be effective is very important for those who suffer from migraines.

Here are the 7 best natural remedies to prevent migraine headaches:

1. The mantecone or Petasites hybridus help you to prevent migraine

The mantecona is an herb that helps to prevent attacks of migraine. The American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society to support its use for their high efficiency.

however, an important clarification must be made. In many cases, the preparations of manteconia have the alkaloids of the pirrolizidina (PA), which has the potential to produce serious damage to the liver. For this reason, when you are going to use mantecona, must be free of PA. Otherwise, it should not be used. @

2. Magnesium

it has Been demonstrated that patients with migraine have low magnesium levels in comparison with people who do not suffer from migraine, which led to the use of supplements of magnesium both for treatment in an attack and for prevention of a migraine attack.

The treatment during the attack of migraine with magnesium intravenous showed good results, but as a preventative treatment had very satisfactory results.

Numerous studies support its preventive use in cases of migraine related to pre-menstrual syndrome.


it Is a shrub that has flowers very beautiful, with which you can prepare various add-ins.

In fact, sometimes, leaves and stems are also used.

The interesting thing is that violence has shown a very good response to prevent migraine, but its effectiveness increases considerably when the fever is combined with magnesium or riboflavin.

A fact very relevant is that the use of a fever, and acupuncture also has excellent results.

4. Ginger

ginger root has multiple uses, but is widely recognized as being an anti-inflammatory potent. It can be used to treat the migraine if it is to prevent an attack or when there occurs an acute attack.

When you have a migraine attack, it is recommended to put a little bit of ginger under the tongue, since it gives good results to minimize the pain. And, if in addition of ginger is added, the results improve a lot more.

In the case of preventive treatment of migraine has been used for a long time, but there are no published studies with enough cases studied to endorse scientifically to use.

This is an ancient practice proven to be extremely efficient in the management and control of the pain. For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used to treat headaches low and high intensity, including migraines, so you can say that it is an efficient alternative to control an episode of pain.

5. Acupuncture

As to its preventive action, several comparative studies have been made against traditional treatments with prescribed medications, and the results were similar.

This means that if you take an acupuncture treatment, you will achieve results very similar to this if you take prescribed drugs, which have side effects. It is an alternative highly recommended.

There are numerous studies that support high efficiency in order to control the pain and prevent episodes of migraine. S

6. Yoga

The conclusion reached by most studies is that switching positions special and, above all, practice breathing techniques, is the most powerful combination.

Until a moment ago, it was not possible to observe the detailed workings of the brain, but the new techniques of neuroimaging now allow you to see details very interesting. In the case of meditation, one can clearly see how this practice induces structural and functional changes.

In the case in which the person suffers pain of any kind, people who regularly meditate have a threshold much higher to perceive pain. This means that they feel less pain than other people. Therefore, during a migraine attack, the pain is perceived as much less intense and the attack is much more tolerable for people who meditate.

7. Meditation

As for the preventive action, shows similar results to reduce the intensity of pain and number of attacks per month.

As we see, the alternatives are several, and it’s worth a try, since it achieves an excellent control of seizures, which results in a better quality of life.

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