A poor hygiene can cause cystitis

cystitis is an infection of the urinary tract that mainly affects women, and one of the reasons that there is inadequate hygiene.

Dr. Luis Miguel Valerio Flowers , chief of the clinical department of the Unit of Family Medicine number 56 of the IMSS, explained that the lack of hygiene, urine long-lasting and is not well-hydrated , cause cystitis, as well as the birth of bacteria that can cause other infections.

He mentioned that the main symptoms of this condition are: burning when you urinate, making multiple times in short periods of time or urgency (immediate) to do it when you feel the need.

He emphasized that, although this condition is more frequent in women, men are not excluded from presenting it, however, he made it clear that it is very difficult for them to introduce you.

“One of the causes is that there are women who, after going to the bathroom , wipe with toilet paper from back to front, dragging bacteria to the genital area, which cause infections. do not contaminate the area “ he said.

He added that the cystitis it is common in pregnant women, by health personnel should be aware, because sometimes there are patients who do not have symptoms, however, can be detected with a culture.

The physician of the IMSS, said that in the case of women in pregnancy that do not meet this type of infection can have a baby of low weight, premature birth, and even the threat of abortion .

Valerio Flowers pointed out that there are patients who still have bleeding while urinating, the This means that the infection is serious that can harm the kidneys.

Therefore, he recommended not resort to self-medication before the symptoms shown to prevent most serious complications, since the condition must be met by medical personnel.

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