They perform a first reduction surgery of the penis

Unable to have sex or play sports, a 17-year-old became the first person to submit a reduction surgery of the penis .

The request unusual and surprised the specialists at a medical center in Florida, but to analyze the problem they decided to help him.

The teenager had a abnormal development of the sexual organ , because in a flaccid state it measured 17 inches in length and 25 thick, which the doctors described as resembling a rugby ball.

Rafael Urión, a urologist at the University of South Florida, was the surgeon who treated the young man and explained that in that race there comes a time when a patient makes a request that is rare and impossible to understand, where everything learned does not work.

He added that the young man suffered multiple episodes of priapism (an erection unwanted), due to a condition in which the blood cells block vessels in the penis, causing it to swell. These episodes left the member swollen and deformed.

The expert commented that the young man said that couldn’t have sex or play sports competitive and had difficulty in wearing trousers due to their “body large and heavy”, and he was ashamed of what he had noticed with her clothes.

“Even though his cock was so big, not grown up when he had powerful , but ended up getting more firm, and your penis to inflate like a balloon”, said Carrión.

The doctors have left the scar from the circumcision to perform the operation and cut out two segments of tissue from each side to give the appearance of more normal (with the information of the motif).