You like to speak or be spoken to when you have sex?

yes Yes yes YES…! Simultaneously, yes Samantha Jones in the movie “Sex and the City 2”, our lover of sex is what she said to talk while doing sex with a gorgeous face.

it is the only movie where we saw that the characters speak while intimidated, but why do they do it? Simple, many like words, obviously, are not saying something that does not cause you pleasure.

The tastes are different, some may enjoy dirty words, while the other quotes from great artists, smart phrases, positions, I do not know, everything depends on the taste of both, but simply do not stop.

Talk increases customer satisfaction

Researchers at Cleveland State University found that talk about sex during sex can increase the satisfaction with the relationship.

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Through a questionnaire applied to a group of volunteers 29 years of age, they determined that those who show the least doubt to talk about the issues sexual (with your friends, with doctors and with your partner) are more likely to express comments during the relationships and this is reflected in greater satisfaction.

No limit

A faithful defender of the “talk dirty” is Dana Myers that gave some advice about what to talk about during the sex in an interview with Marie Claire.

Myers says: “No limit”, it can be as simple as saying what you want.

For example, if you imagine something very specific with your partner. You just need to try to say this. If you want or shows in your attitude, the other person does not need to feel forced or upset.

She advises that sometimes the more pleasurable, for both of you to know is that the other is getting exactly what he wants. “to Say and to show your satisfaction with the words exciting “.

You don’t need to act on this if you don’t take advantage of, but you do not need to be ashamed of what you like.

How to do it?

Dana tells us how to do it, according to it is a combination of the words as they are spoken and with what attitude. “Use your voice while you are moving your body, speak softly, look the other way or close your eyes feel more comfortable”.

it is convenient that you laugh hysterically while you are explaining to your lover what you will do with it, but you are not limited neither with a chuckle funny, if that is what comes naturally at that moment.

If it seems to much to start, just say something in the ear. The heat of the breath and a few words sexy will light the spark. And why not, call him by his name will never hurt.

“You only have to say what it looks like, if you like a posture, say so”. But the best, if you’re enjoying something that you are doing, do not shut up, talk about it and you will feel more pleasure and connection. Listen to his voice also is a stimulant, try, not without taking your condom and lube. Good luck!