Deshun Wang, the chinese model of 80 years

The templates the most famous are characterized by having good physical appearance and walk with elegance, but especially being young, many companies consider that youth is synonymous with beauty.

however, this was denied by Deshun Wang , a model that, at 80 years of age, showed that age is just a number and that he has the ability to continue to win in the catwalks.

Through social networks, the chinese businessman Kai-Fu Lee , has released a video where you see Deshun modeling on a catwalk that later would give fame.

Until now, the video has been played over 2.5 million times

The history of Deshun Wang

The career of the now well-known “grandfather model” began as a theater actor when he was 24 years old.

The 44-year-old he learned English at the age of 49, he opened his company, and at age 50 decided to go to the gym for the first time.

at The age of 65 years, he learned to ride a horse, at the age of 70, he concentrated more on his physique and at 78 he started to use motorcycles.

“Many people started to be interested after this parade, some people call me” the grandfather more fiery “. Some also say that I am an instant feeling on the Internet, you know that I have prepared for today. for 60 years “ he said in a video that he shared after the success of the transmission by Fu-Lee.

Not impossible

In the video, the model emphasizes that it is never too late to fulfill what we offer, because we only need to provision.

“it is Not too late, nobody can prevent you from success, you only need to propose “ he said.

During an interview, he indicated that his goal is to “leave a footprint in the world, to live to the limit and not leave anything pending for the future”