Testicular pain – what causes them?

it Is common to hear the expression that the testicular pain is a manifestation or symptom that often causes fear considerable for men. And it is no less to be the testicles the organs very sensitive, susceptible to multiple causes that can cause testicular pain . These include:


  • Infections
  • the

  • Inflammation
  • the

  • Trauma or blows
  • the

  • testicular Torsion

infectious Causes, the most common

Among the most common infections are epididymitis, orchitis, varicocele, espermatocele and hydrocele among others. Let’s look at each separately, although sometimes there are manifestations mixed in between some of them, as is the case when the orchitis and epididymitis occur at the same time causing the so-called orqui-epidemic.

Epididymitis : thus, the inflammatory process of the ducts through which sperm leaves the testicle is recognized. Among the most common causes, chlamydia infection is classified as part of sexually transmitted diseases (ETS), or caused by hypertrophy of the prostate, known as prostatitis. From this, we can derive a urinary infection resulting from the inability to empty or evacuate the bladder in the act of urinating.

Orchitis : an inflammatory process that affects one or both testicles that can be caused by bacteria or viral causes such as mumps.

testicular Pain caused by the accumulation of liquid. it Is common to find inflammation caused by fluid in the testicles which can cause pain and mild discomfort. Among these we find:

Espermatocele: this is called the presence of fluid in the epididymis that can lead to a cyst with the presence of sperm killed.

Varicocele : consisting of veins enlarged in the scrotum which perform the function of evacuation of blood from the testicles. Can be expressed as varicose veins testicular. The varicocele causes pain, discomfort or feeling of weight in the region scrotum that appears more often affecting the left testicle. This worsens throughout the day and when we are sitting or standing for a long time. Appears in 15% of the young adults, being more frequent between 15 and 25 years.

Hydrocele: deposit of liquid on the inside of the scrotum.

Lesions and bumps often produce testicular pain .

Any accident-light or trauma less is capable of causing testicular pain because the testicles are organs that are very sensitive, causing severe pain. If the stroke is very intense, as in the case of automobile accidents, the trauma caused by the practice of combat sports, as can be trapped in the scrotum, may occur wounds and bruises due to the presence of blood.

testicular Torsion: testicular torsion is a medical emergency that presents as a symptom more remarkable testicular pain intense, with abrupt onset, which usually happens with strong sessions of physical exercises, or blows received. This torsion of the testis occurs when there is a defect in fixation of the testis in the scrotum, which results in remain hanging, without subjection, so that it can rotate and twist the cord esperm√°tico, determining the compression of the anatomical structures existing in the is its interior. Its appearance is more common in adolescents and young adults between 10 and 20 years.

Other causes that can cause testicular pain are less frequent, such as an inguinal hernia; or an erection is not resolved; or pain caused by cancer of the testicle. These are the least frequent, but all the tributaries of specialized medical care.