Endometriosis puts the heart at risk

A new study published in the journal “Circulation: Quality and Outcomes Cardiovascular” suggests that the endometriosis , characterized by the growth outside the uterus of tissue lining the endometrium , can increase the risk of heart disease.

The researchers analyzed the data of 116.430 women were enrolled in the Study of Health “Nurses” II, of which 11.903 had endometriosis, resulting in those who presented presented 1,35 greater likelihood of suffering from blockage of arteries, which would require surgery or stent (stent).

in The same way, it has been found that the infarcts increased by 1,52 times, and angina chest 1,91 in patients with the disease, a situation that has tripled if the age was less than 40 years.

“The women with endometriosis should be aware that you may be at greater risk of heart disease compared with women without endometriosis, and this increased risk can be greater when they are young”, says Fan Mu , the lead author of the study.

During the analysis, it was observed that one factor that could explain the increase in the cardiovascular risk is the surgical treatment of endometriosis, once the menopause is induced surgically before the natural.

“it Is important for women with endometriosis – even young women – adopt habits of healthy lifestyle, to be monitored by their doctors about heart disease and be familiar with the symptoms because heart disease continues to be the main cause of heart disease. death in women “, says one of the authors of the study, Stacey A. Missmer.

During the work, some hormonal therapies were taken into consideration for the treatment, as well as the inclusion of women with suspected disease, but without medical confirmation.

Even so, researchers have pointed out that the number of patients in the study, the follow-up time and consideration of other factors, reinforce the findings.