Intense exercise prevents osteoporosis in men

Research indicates that young men who practice some kind of intense exercise such as running or playing tennis, are likely to have a greater bone density in middle age, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis .

The author of the study, Pamela Hinton, said that, despite having weak bones, is more related to women, the osteoporosis is also a problem in men , which may have even worse consequences, since they have a higher risk of mortality and fractures that result from falls.

To conduct the study, Hinton and his team analyzed the medical data of 203 men with age between 30 and 65 years who practiced some kind of exercise or had experience in sports.

The results showed that those who did exercises bearers of weight in the bone, or by lifting weights during adolescence had higher bone density in the present.

“Although the activity during the skeletal growth is significant, we also observed positive associations between physical activity and bone density in all ages, so even though the middle-aged men were teens sitting on the sofa, they could have benefits if they begin an exercise program to strengthen bones “, said Hinton.

The researcher pointed out that this study shows only an association of exercises of high impact, and bone density of men, or your risk of developing osteoporosis, which does not mean that a causality is being proven.