Top 10 exercises for weight loss

If your goal is to lose weight quickly, these exercises can help you.

Before I talk about the best exercises and how to use them, it is necessary to make something very clear:

Your body is composed of fat, muscles, bones, organs and water, so when we talk about weight loss, we are talking about a more complex process, than to just see the numbers on the scale. The most important part is fat loss, but the simple fact of exercising, without any other change, is not enough. You should also consider:


  • sleep Habits.
  • the

  • Stress.
  • the

  • Conditions and health conditions such as thyroid problems, diabetes, etc.

weight loss is an individual process, which is not the same in all people. But there are exercises and workout routines that can help you lose weight and burn fat , with certain elements in common:


  • They are high-intensity.
  • the

  • They burn lots of calories in little time.

The first few points before you do the best exercises

The foods you choose in your diet is the fuel for you to perform your exercise routines. Depends on you, decide the quantity and the quality of the fuel.

Although it seems that the food are not important, they are part of the habits that will shape your body and that will generate permanent changes in a large scale.


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it Is highly recommended for your health and quality of life includes a daily routine of exercises. If you do 30 minutes of elliptical, once a week, while watching your favorite series on television, will not be enough. You need routines that suit your life style, five to six days per week, with at least one full day of rest.

Some days you need to work more than others, so that you can perform the exercise with your entire energy. You should always put all your effort to focus on burn calories and achieve your goals more quickly. It is best to work out 100% three times per week; 50%, five times per week.

If you do exercises you don’t like, you only have the physical, mental and emotional. Every time you begin, ask yourself: I really like this exercise? If the answer is “not”, look for other options.

Find a routine that you like is just as important as exercise, because that way you will continue to do so for a longer time.

If you do any of the activities on this list, but don’t feel comfortable, don’t worry, keep trying until you find the right one.

In the first place, the exercise has many benefits that have nothing to do with weight loss or body fat reduction, some are:


  • Promote your mental health.
  • the

  • Improve the quality of sleep.
  • the

  • Strengthens your immune system.

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Here are the top ten exercise options for weight loss:

1. Training Range

The method number one to lose weight, according to experts in health, nutrition and sport, and training intervals.

it Is a type of exercise that increases and decreases your heart rate, keeping your metabolism accelerated to burn more fat.

These exercises use all the muscles of your body, and the more muscles you use, the more calories you will burn.

Some types of training ranges are:


  • Cycling on stationary bike or Spinning classes.
  • the

  • A blend between walk, trot and run on the treadmill.
  • the

  • Training with no equipment or instruments or sporting ” training HIIT Street “.

2. Training weight lifting

weight lifting is the mother of all the techniques of weight loss. Resistance exercise, either with your body weight or extra weight, are very effective methods.

This type of workout increases the metabolic rate at rest, which means that you will burn fat 24 hours a day, even if you’re not exercising.

to Perform weight lifting three times per week, will give you the best results. In addition, I recommend that you consult a professional coach for you to perform the routines correctly.

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3. Training Military or Boot Camp

A type of training that keeps your metabolism high throughout the day, is training, training or military. This is because it uses two types of training more effective:


  • Training in intervals.
  • the

  • resistance Training.

Combined with:


  • Exercises cardio and strength.
  • the

  • Exercises short-term.
  • the

  • Brief periods of rest.

If this is the first time you do this type of training, I recommend that you see a personal trainer about:


  • Intensity.
  • the

  • Weight.
  • the

  • Postures.
  • the

  • training.

Or search for information on the internet that guide you to avoid muscle injuries and articulated.

4. Boxing

In general, it can be considered as another interval training, which also makes you feel completely empowered in your body.

The trick is to use the strength of your back, chest and abdomen, to attack with great force; since the beginners only use the strength of his arms.

To start practicing boxing, it is best to do it in a class or with a coach, and then monitor your intensity level.

Now, if you want to practice at home, I recommend you use videos for beginners.

5. Run

To run, all you need is a pair of running shoes and do it right. I recommend running on inclines:


  • Streets
  • the

  • open Field.
  • the

  • Treadmill.

This way, you will force your buttocks and legs to work, where you have larger muscles, thus increasing your energy expenditure. The more energy your body uses, the more fat you can eliminate.

how you run determines your results:


  • the upper Part of your body: Keep the hands open and the arms 90 degrees.

  • Swings of the kettlebell.
  • the

  • Climb up or climb the rope.
  • the

  • Drop the drawers.

If you have a preference for the treadmill, there are models programmed with routines that are focused on burning fat.

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6. CrossFit

There is a reason why CrossFit has become so popular: it works. However, the key is not to overdo it.

The routines are designed to be carried out in a short space of time, with exercises of high intensity, and varied. Here are some examples:


  • Sentadilha front.
  • the

  • adequate Facilities and equipment.
  • the

  • a Coach or trainer trained: Explain and correct your movements.
  • the

  • do Not push too much.

The most important thing to consider in classes CrossFit is:


  • rest Periods of ten seconds and an intense activity of twenty seconds.
  • the

  • Routine of eight repetitions.

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7. Tabata

If the main reason why you can not exercise, is the lack of time, so Tabata is your dream, a reality:


  • Different exercises, such as rope battle, or the blow-rope battle.
  • the

  • Jumping rope.
  • the

  • Squats.
  • the

  • Jump with squats.
  • the

  • Burpees.

however, if you are looking to lose weight and body fat, Tabata will not be effective all the time, you will have to make certain adjustments and modifications, such as increasing the time and intensity. For example, you can augment your routine of 4 minute to 20 minutes with the same exercises.

To get started, you simply choose four exercises that you want to hold for twenty seconds with maximum intensity, resting only ten seconds. This format of four minutes, consists of three minutes of exercise for a rest. Some exercises are:


  • Climbers or mountaineers.
  • the

  • Balance and body balance.
  • the

  • Force.
  • the

  • mental Stability.
  • the

  • Stay afloat vertically, as long as possible, moving the arms and legs.

8. Yoga

yoga is not a good way to lose weight, but it is a great tool to increase and maintain flexibility, as well as to promote their health. In addition, it helps you to improve:


  • Rest two minutes.
  • the

  • then, run 10 sets of 100 meters and rest a minute between each set.
  • the

  • First step: turn on the heating for 3 minutes.

Yoga is um excellent complement to other training routines with higher intensity, such as exercises militarized.

it does Not hurt to include a routine of yoga, once per week, at your home or a specialized center.

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9. Swimming

To practice swimming you can burn over 750 calories in an hour, work all your muscle groups and without exposing your joints to any type of impact, that will help you keep more of the training plan.

A general guide to get you started:


  • Step two: Make 100 jumps traditional, with both feet together growing from the ground at the same time.
  • the

  • Step Three: Sprint 100 jumping traditional (make them very fast).
  • the

  • Step 4: repeat the second and third steps in the following format: 50/50.

When you leave the water, you will feel that all your muscles worked.

10. Jump Rope

The jump rope is one of the exercises more ancient and fun in there, and it is a common practice since childhood. It is an exercise very cheap and easy to perform, since it can be done in any place.

After a few minutes of jump rope, you will feel your heart rate speed up, while the blood flows more intensely in all his muscles.

Here is an example of a routine: