Five benefits of oral sex

oral sex has been tried for years as an activity antihygienic , not natural, and even vulgar; however, it is not so.

The oral sex is one of the manifestations the most common of eroticism, that generates more pleasure and that, if done correctly, that is, with the appropriate means of hygiene and protection, there is no danger.

in Addition to causing a huge pleasure, oral sex has different benefits what we will say below.

Improves mood

A study of the State University of New York indicates that when you do oral sex, you release hormones such as cortisol, estrone and oxytocin that influence the mood, especially for the person that receives them.

it Makes the men happier

The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality published a study that states that men like oral sex more than women.

Of the 1,500 men and women between the ages of 18 and 24 that were submitted to the study, only 28% of women admitted that the practice is pleasant.

Improves erections

men who receive oral sex have erections of better quality, according to the portal NetDoctor.

Reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia

A research published in the Journal of Reproductive Immunology, ensures that the ingestion of semen during oral sex, strengthens the immune system and prevents heart disease and high blood pressure.

In pregnant women, the risk of pre-eclampsia decreases.

Improves sleep quality

semen contains several substances, such as melatonin, which helps you to sleep better.

special Measures

it Is important that, in doing so, make sure to be with a person who does not have infection sex and always use protection.

You can use preservatives, flavor to make oral sex to men. In the case of women, he uses a shield dental.

Avoid the practice if you experience an injury or cut on your partner. Also, make sure that you don’t have cuts in your mouth.

When finished, make sure to wash the mouth thoroughly and use a rinse.