You don’t get excited easily? Expert tells you why

You noticed that not all are so easy to excite ? There are people who are very excited about it, children, for example, but not all of us can show such emotion. Could it be that we are strange? A small neuron shut the mouth? We lack love?

Why is not so easy to stay enthusiastic?

Well, Mr. Ivan Ballesteros , a biologist and doctor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Human, believes that the emotion or emotions are important for health, because, according to him, when a person gets sick, the immune system activates itself and, in doing so, secret molecules that act directly on neurons of the so-called “emotional brain” that produces changes in our behavior.

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Ballesteros indicates that there are studies that suggest that a higher emotional well-being represents a good predictor of good health. “The better the emotional well-being that we have, the better health we will have in”.

Although we do not know for sure if the emotional well-being directly affects our health, or when we are with good health, we feel better emotionally.

The excitement is not only in human beings

And, although you do not believe, the ability to process emotion appears in the evolution before the human make, since the emotional brain is born, in mammals about 170 million years ago and has been preserved throughout evolution.

If you wonder how this works, the expert indicates that it is basically activated when we or our nervous system detects what is known as a “stimulus emotionally competent”, that is, what causes emotion.

Excitement, what is it?

When the brain detects the stimulus emotionally competent, the areas responsible for emotional processing (the areas of the systems in the limbic and pre-frontal brain ) are enabled.

activation of these causes, in turn, the activation of the nervous system, producing sensations in our body, increased body temperature, heart rate, increased respiration, for example. These sensations are known as “emotion” says the doctor.

So, once our brain detects these changes in us, he says that can be made to the interpretations of these sensations.

we Think that we feel?

“That would be” feelings “, which is not more than think about the feeling that the emotion produces”, he says, while it emphasizes that, although the emotion is irrational, not if you think about it, the feeling is, and is also think about

“it Is a quality of human preferences, emotion of thought”, adds.

In his opinion, emotions and feelings are also important in humans, because warn us about the rapid changes in our environment.

“If we detect a hazard, we will feel the fear without thinking and automatically, it also allows us to respond quickly to this danger, and give an adaptive advantage, and that is why it is believed that the emotions are there,” said the biologist.

How can I understand the emotions?

So, if you want to understand the emotions, Ballesteros believes that you have to understand the biology of the brain, the biological processes and, at the management level emotional, it would have to train ourselves to better manage our emotions.

of Course, you will be surprised because it represents one of the keys to emotional intelligence and the ability to better manage emotions.

He mentions that this is being trained with workshops where people are exposed to safe environments before different stimuli.

Concludes that they are important because they allow to rationalize the emotion, taking all the sensations, name them, or cause them. In addition, they favor the development of behaviors more conscious about changes in the environment that warn us about the emotions.

Now you know the reason why you are not very expressive in any situation, or because he is too excited.