He was in a coma and now he is dancing in The Swan Lake

Lucila Munaretto is a dancer of ballet of 21 years, nine months ago, suffered an accident that kept her coma, but today is back to the stage with Swan Lake.

In August of 2015, the showgirl argentina, who lives in Vancouver for three years for a scholarship in the ballet of the Coastal Town, had serious injuries in his brain and spine after being hit by a car while skated.

At the time of the accident, she was immediately assisted and admitted to the Hospital Lions Gate where they have told relatives that she could not walk, unless the surgery was performed.

however, his family could not afford the procedure so that the friends of Munaretto to be drowned a campaign in the GoFundMe to collect the $ 100,000 required for the procedure.

in addition, in Joinville, in Brazil, where his parents live, another campaign was made so that the mother could travel quickly to Vancouver.

Two weeks after the event, Lucilla came out of the coma and began to move.

Thanks to the funds collected, he regained his mobility completely and will even dance again, something that doctors told him not to do.

“I was like” No, I need to work because this is my life. I need that “ he said.

She also revealed that, before the accident, she did not know how to live, because she was always in a hurry and worried about everything, but now she enjoys every second of life.

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