Healthy food for children’s parties

The junk food, such as pizzas, burgers, potatoes, or sweets, is more prevalent in children’s parties, because they are synonymous with entertainment; however, it need not be so.

A children’s party can be totally fun with a menu that is balanced, without the involvement of fats, sugars and all the ingredients that can cause disease long-term, such as obesity and diabetes.

Want to make a healthy menu for kids can create fear, but if you follow the following tips, your party will be a success.

Make a menu for all

do Not separate the food of the children and the adults because you will generate conflict. If you want the small ones to eat with wisdom, you must set the example.

in Addition to taking care of the children’s diet, you will help many parents to become aware of your regular diet.

Prepare food fun

Make sure that all the dishes have a good appearance, they are rich and motivate them to continue eating.

You can invent names according to the theme of the party, for example, the cheeks of pony (jicama or carrots grated with lemon) or jell-o, rainbow, etc.

Some options of foods that you can include are:


  • Skewers of fruit.
  • the

  • Split apples with chocolate or peanut butter.
  • the

  • Sticks of cucumbers, carrots and jicama accompanied by mayo-vegan or with lemon pepper.
  • the

  • Popcorn natural is made on the stove, and, preferably, without salt. You can follow up with sauce and lemon.
  • the

  • Pancakes with low-fat and made with vegetables or fruit. You can also make them with oats, and adoçá them with stevia.
  • the

  • Water natural fruit or simple.
  • the

  • orange Juice natural.
  • the

  • Pasta with vegetables.
  • the

  • Cucumbers stuffed with tuna.

what you should consider

The most important thing is to organize with respect to the number of guests you will have, the ages of the children and especially your budget.

it is Not necessary to buy ingredients sophisticated, but you should be creative and, preferably, get food local and seasonal.