6 Signs of High Testosterone in Men

testosterone is a hormone produced naturally in men and women, though the produce in smaller quantities.

it Is common to hear the virtues of testosterone, associating them to gain strength, speed and resilience. In addition to its role in the maintenance of appropriate levels of blood cells, especially red blood cells formed by the hemoglobin, responsible for oxygen transport to the organs of the body.

testosterone is the hormone that regulates and makes remarkable development of certain characteristics of the body such as:


  • Bones strong and sturdy.
  • the

  • muscle Mass solid.
  • the

  • body Composition balanced.
  • the

  • Development of reproductive organs.
  • the

  • emotional Behavior.

In very high amounts, testosterone may induce an emotional behavior exaggerated and cause harmful effects to the physical level.

Almost all of the bodily symptoms and the emotional become more evident in the man, due to its natural condition to produce more testosterone. After all, it is the male hormone par excellence.

that Said, I’m going to mention the 6 major signs that indicate that testosterone levels are high:

1. Excessive increase of facial and body hair

One of the main functions of testosterone is to stimulate the growth of bodily hair.

The increase in abundance for the short hair and thick beard of most men, is one of the signs the more attractive of high testosterone.

In women, growth, unusual and excessive hair on the chin, breasts, abdomen and legs , are clear signs of high testosterone.

2. Jaw, the apple of Adam, and a prominent voice

high testosterone is related to bone development that goes beyond normal limits.

A sign of this condition is the jaw enlarged in people who consume boosters synthetic testosterone or inject growth hormones.

Other signs of high testosterone in males are:


  • An apple of adam that stands out for its size.
  • the

  • A voice more powerful and serious than the normal, because the muscles of the larynx, cartilage, and the Adam’s apple gain higher growth, elongation, and strength.

women and transgender people who ingest or inject testosterone may experience growth of the apple, adam and a change of voice similar to that of the males.

3. Shoulders are larger than normal

high testosterone stimulates the excessive increase of the muscle cells, which influences the formation of the shoulders more broad, dense and stronger than normal. This signal is more evident in men than in women.

I Want you to remember that high testosterone may occur due to natural causes, some diseases or administration of some therapies based on reinforcement of natural or synthetic, oral, injectable or gel.

4. Hair loss

The high-testosterone contributes to a greater production of fat in the skin , which causes hair loss. This sign is very visible in men and it is much less frequent in women.

The man has a natural tendency to hair loss , even if he has low testosterone. However, high testosterone can be a stimulating factor in the absence of hair.

5. Fat burning

testosterone regulates weight loss or the gain in women and men. High testosterone causes a significant decrease in the ability of fat cells to form deposits of fat in the body. Then, a very thin body is a manifest sign of high testosterone.

6. Emotional behavior

testosterone not only affects health and physical appearance, but also influences the emotional behavior of men and women, acting as a special messenger to the limbic system (the organ of the brain that regulates the emotional state). Among the effects the most well-known, it is known that high testosterone can cause loss of control of emotions, feelings of excitement and general behaviors dramatic anger, aggression, bad mood and anger.

to Understand the signs of high testosterone will allow you to address and prevent in a timely manner, the clinical consequences of any disturbance, physical or emotional.

If you display some of the signs described above, I recommend that you see a professional, while:


  • You lead a healthy life-style.
  • the

  • are You maintaining an attitude of emotional and affective well-balanced.
  • the

  • You have a good night’s sleep.
  • the

  • You eat properly.
  • the

  • You develop an exercise plan and adhere to it.
  • the

  • And, when needed, you can take testosterone boosters under the supervision of your doctor.

take Care of testosterone levels is an activity that is key to cultivating good health.

I Hope that this article has been helpful.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

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