13 home remedies to quickly remove the stilettos

stretch marks are trademarks of linear ugly that often appear in your skin when you stretched too much, as during pregnancy, periods of great increase and weight loss subsequent, or when there is growth of breast in a very short time.

The fibers inside the structure of the skin are overcome by this stretch and break. These then heal, and that scar is what we call stretch marks.

Many people spend fortunes on creams and treatments are very tricky to fight them, however, there are many home remedies to combat stretch marks that are equally or more effective than the expensive treatments.

Here are the 13 best home remedies for stretch marks:

1. Cream homemade avocado, aloe vera (aloe vera), and olive oil

it is Known that this cream is highly effective, given the power of its three ingredients. The preparation is very simple. Let’s remove the borders with thorns, a leaf of aloe vera, and then remove the rest of the skin. We have a type of gel-transparent greenish color, which we put into a suitable container.

Add a teaspoon of olive oil and the pulp of half avocado. We take it to the processor or blender, so that a cream compact and very uniform is formed. If we do not have any of these elements, we can try with a mortar, but it is much better on the other side.

How this applies:

We have only to make a gentle massage with this wonderful cream in the problem areas of stretch marks, and leave it to act for 20 minutes. Must be removed with cold water, since hot water is not recommended for stretch marks.

2. Cream of avocado, a homemade, almond oil and oatmeal

We will process the pulp of an avocado along with two tablespoons of almond oil (in case you don’t have almond oil, I have also been very effective for the olive oil in this recipe), and two tablespoons of oats. In this recipe to win the hand is not a problem, but the important thing is to have a bit of patience to get all the ingredients fully integrated.

How this applies:

unlike the previous one, this cream for stretch marks, is removed with just warm water.

3. Cream homemade with avocado, lemon and honey

in This case, we use the pulp of an avocado, two tablespoons of honey of good quality (natural) and a tablespoon of lemon juice. We mix very well. This time, we mixed by hand.

How this applies:

Apply this cream with a massage, leave to act for 15 minutes and remove with cold water. As we have already seen, the avocado or avocado is excellent for preparations that prevent or improve stretch marks.

4. Cream of carrots

This cream is very effective because the carrots have a huge content of vitamin A.

How this applies:

The carrots should be cooked until soft. We have prepared a purée with this carrot and, with very careful not to burn, apply to skin with problems, with a gentle massage. Remove with warm water.

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5. Preparation of the ponytail

The tail of the horse is a plant that has many medicinal uses. In this case, we are interested in the high content of silicon, which is very important for the regeneration of damaged tissues. It should be noted that this preparation requires a long time to wait, so that other remedies can be applied while doing this.

So we must take into account this delay to prepare the necessary amount before the end of the one you already have.

what we do is let macerate about 100 grams of the ponytail (it reached without problems in shops or health food stores) in one liter of alcohol of 40 degrees.

This preparation should remain in a dark place for at least a month. After this time, add 15 drops of juice or lemon juice. Finally, before packaging to make it ready for use, add half a liter of water.

How this applies:

once ready for use, we will have a massage for approximately 10 minutes in length, always with circular movements. The massage must be smooth, otherwise, it will break down more fibers. We should do this massage two times per day.

6. Olive oil

olive oil has numerous properties, but among them, one of the most notable is his as well as a cosmetic. To which the effects are great, it is important to be clear that the oil should be of good quality, extra virgin first pressed. Another advantage of applying this treatment is that it will almost certainly not need to leave the house, since the oil already has.

How this applies:

what we do is to give us a bath, and then the same, not almost dry, give a gentle massage and constant with olive oil in the affected areas. Should not be removed, the skin absorbs it slowly.

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7. Sugar

The sugar is used as an exfoliating gel for the skin. It is one of the best home remedies to eliminate stretch marks.

How this applies:

we Take a spoon of sugar and add few drops of almond oil and the juice of the juice or lemon. We mix well and apply directly to the affected areas. Massamos for 8 to 10 minutes and then take bath. We still use it for a month or more, until the stretch marks begin to fade.

8. Juice of potato

The juice of the potato is rich in minerals and vitamins. Stimulates the restoration and growth of skin cells.

How this applies:

We cut thin slices of an average potato. Grab a slice and massage gently for a few minutes in stretch marks. When the juice has dried up, clean the affected area with warm water.

9. The leaves of alfalfa

The leaves of alfalfa contain amino acids, which are very effective in maintaining a healthy skin. They are rich in vitamin E, K, and protein, which help to improve the tone of the body. They have fungicides, which * it can detoxifies the skin.

How this applies:

we Took a bit of alfalfa and mix with a few drops of oil of chamomile to form a folder. Apply the folder with soothing massages on the affected area three times per day.

10. White of eggs

The whites of eggs are beneficial to eliminate stretch marks, they are rich in proteins and amino acids.

How to apply:

Separate the whites of two eggs. We reached a fork. After cleaning the affected area with water, apply a thin layer of egg white with a brush. Let dry completely and then remove it with cold water. After this process, apply a little olive oil to hydrate the skin.

11. Preparation to the base of plants.

The solution to the base of plants is easy to prepare. Just mix a tablespoon of oil of wheat germ and a tablespoon of oil marigold .

How this applies:

Apply the preparation on the affected area to eliminate stretch marks.

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12. Cocoa butter

cocoa butter is famous for its properties of wrinkle and anti-aging. This helps to improve the blood circulation, which reduces stretch marks.

How this applies:

Massage the affected area with cocoa butter at least twice a day. Repeat the process for two months and notice the reduced scars.

we can Also mix one half cup of cocoa butter with a tablespoon of oil of wheat germ, a teaspoon of almond oil, two teaspoons of beeswax, grated oil and vitamin E. We reheat the mixture until the beeswax melts . Apply on the stretch marks two or three times per day. The mixture can be stored in a locked box within the refrigerator.

13. Apricots

we Took two or three apricots, cut them and take the stone. We we have milled to form a slurry.

How this applies:

Apply the folder directly into the stretch marks. We left them for 20 minutes. Then, rinse with warm water. We followed this procedure for a month and we will see promising results.

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How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks

The best remedy is always prevention. If we avoid a sudden increase in weight, you can avoid a good amount of stretch marks.

of Course, in pregnancy, the weight gain and stretching skin are inevitable.

in These cases, a good massage with a cream with vitamins and And every day is a good idea. The massage should be gentle.

You must follow a diet free of processed foods rich in proteins, since the fibres of support of skin are proteins.

a Lot of vitamins also are needed, especially (for the skin), And (antioxidant) and C (fulfills both functions). These vitamins are found in plant products. On the other hand, these same vegetables provide lots of fiber, another key point. In short, a healthy diet, with adequate hydration and an amount of exercise adapted to each situation, are the best prevention.