How to heal gums inflamed in 7 steps

To have inflamed gums currently on a health problem very common, fight it is necessary a cleaning dental deep, flossing, brushing your gums, using salt water, among other measures that will help eliminate this problem.

Have inflammations of gums or gingivitis can become very annoying and even painful and if they become too inflamed, can block the teeth, preventing that they eat well and generating a whole series of symptoms. The causes are diverse, whether it is a deficient nutrition, infection problems, as a result of a prosthesis or appliances dental incorrectly adjusted, among others.

The easiest way to treat this problem is to fight against it when you are starting out, it is common to identify it, a time that not only do the gums seem to be inflamed, there is pain and bleeding when brushing, and if the problem has advanced, there may be pockets between teeth and gums, or bad breath. Follow these steps to eliminate the problem:

1. Brushing gums dry:

One of the ways to combat the problem of inflamed gums is to brush them without using the paste, start brushing from the bottom to the top and not the sides, be careful not to rub too much, since you can hurt. You can use some rinse natural in the end. Make sure that your toothbrush is torada.

2. Take care of the food:

One of the most important aspects to be care when you have inflammation of the gums is food, there is no doubt many foods that, by their properties and benefits, will help address this problem. And then there will be some to avoid. Consume lots of fruits of the season fresh, fresh vegetables in salads, for example, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds of sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds and drink plenty of water. Those who should avoid are: Milk and derivatives, white bread, refined sugar.

3. Use aloe vera or aloe vera gel:

by Choosing a natural alternative is not only an economical option, but also effective, the aloe vera helps the gums to be healthy, fight bacteria, and has an analgesic effect, which is worth to prevent and combat this problem of inflamed gums . It is very easy to apply this method, if you have the plant in your home, it will be much easier and, above all, natural, you can take advantage of its properties, once you’ve brushed thoroughly the gums with the toothbrush, you can rub a little Aloe vera gel in these, gives a gentle massage and leave it act. You can apply this remedy several times a day and a week to be able to deflate the gums.

4. Strengthens the cleaning dental:

One of the main reasons for the appearance of inflamed gums is the lack or deficiency of cleaning dental, therefore, the habits must be changed and the cleaning has improved. It is essential to have a good tooth brushing after eating foods, in addition to this deep cleaning and avoid the accumulation of food scraps, which over time causes the plaque to accumulate, one of the main causes for which appears gingivitis. So, if you already have inflamed gums, it is necessary to strengthen the cleaning, you can start with brushing the gums are dry, you can use a toothpaste that controls tartar, thread or waxed dental floss (at least twice a day ) to rinse immediately after eating, and, thus, avoid the accumulation of food between the teeth.

5. Schedule a consultation with the dentist:

Although there are many remedies to combat the inflamed gums, it is important that if you notice the frequency of this problem, you go to the dentist for an evaluation and suggestion of better treatment. Once the gingivitis is not considered serious if not treated in time, can bring many problems and complications, such as excessive bleeding, loosening of teeth, pus, etc.

6. Use rinse with salt water:

One of the ways faster and more effective to have an in-home solution is to prepare a rinse of the salt, it is very simple, boil a liter of water or less and add a tablespoon of sea salt or salt grain or thick, and let the solution cool down. A time that you can use as a rinse after brushing, the salt is a natural agent that possesses antibacterial properties and helps fight inflammation of the gums. Use this rinse two or three times per day.

7. Rinse in warm water and cold water:

Another effective way to treat the inflamed gums is to rinse with warm water to warm up, avoiding burn out, and you can add a pinch of salt or a pinch of baking soda, rinse and mess with this water several times also You can switch, rinse with cold water, add just a little ice and be careful that this water is purified and ready, to switch these rinses of hot and cold water, it will help relieve pain and reduce inflammation of the gums.

in addition, by following all of these measures have been suggested, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and, above all, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Currently, there are many natural alternatives, such as the use of salt, baking soda, herbs, apple cider vinegar, among others, which are ingredients for the preparation of flushing natural.

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