Implants and injections to prevent HIV

With the goal of reducing the infections HIV , scientists began to conduct tests on the use of injections to protect vulnerable groups of the population for at least two months, as well as implants at one year of age.

The implants measure the size of a toothpick, and will contain medicines slow release that will offer protection for a year. Its operation is similar to contraceptive implants.

These were inspired by the daily pill Truvada of Gilead, which has been effective in the fight against HIV.

prophylaxis before exposure to the virus helps to reduce the risk of contracted it in the 90%, provided that people take their pills on a regular basis.

Injection more effective

in the Face of this disadvantage, the scientists explain that an injection would give more privacy to the patient and to ensure levels more stable of the drug, while the implants could combine contraception and protection against HIV at the same time.

“we Now know that the anti-retroviral drugs have a high potential to prevent HIV infections, it is time to evaluate other means to administer these medications, the more options there are”, explained Jean-Michel Molina , professor of infectious diseases at Hospital Saint. Louis of Paris.

These procedures will help to reduce considerably the rates of the epidemic , which affects 1.9 million people per year, especially homosexual men.

“I Remember when he told me in 1987. He said had AIDS and that was all:” we will Not discuss the subject again “ he said.