Increases tobacco consumption among women

tobacco use among women is increasing, according to the United Nations , of more than 1000 million smokers in the world, approximately 20% are women.

mexican Women and tobacco

The state and the capital of Puebla are the first at the national level on the consumption of tobacco in women in the Central region, revealed Dr. Baldomero Zambrano Tobón , pulmonologist of the Regional Hospital General number 36 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS ) State.

empower women

In the framework of the World No Tobacco Day, which is celebrated each may 31, she indicated that, probably, for some women to get started in the consumption of tobacco is a sign of the empowerment of his person, it may even be an act of rebellion or a feeling of freedom as it happened with the social movements of the female of the 1970’s.

He explained that, according to data from the Faculty of Neurology of the State of Puebla, it is estimated that around 600 thousand men are those who smoke in the entity, while in the case of women are 150 thousand smokers.

He noted that, at the national level, Puebla is the first place in terms of consumption of cigarettes women according to the Global Survey of Smoking in Older Adults 2015 .

Smoker active smoker passive!

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at The national level, it is indicated that 16.4 percent of the national population; equivalent to 14.3 million people, currently smoke; and the men dominate over the women.

The 14.3 million smokers, 6.6 million are daily smokers. In addition, the consumption of cigarette has increased in comparison with the figures of 2011.

Currently, the average number of cigars per day is 7.7, and the beginning of tobacco consumption is, on average, 16.5 years of age.

the smoke of The tobacco has a composition quite complex, divided into four main groups: nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, irritating.