Yahir internalizes his son at a center for addiction

singer Yahir has announced that his son, Tristan suffering from alcohol dependence and marijuana , so he decided to put it in a drug rehabilitation center.

During an interview with the program “Ventaneando”, the interpreter explained that he needed to take this action, although without the consent of Tristan.

“First he was here with me, we were taking some professional advice, then the situation got a little stronger and Tristán entered into a rehab center” he said.

He indicated that some of the friends of the centre had decided to give him the support of them and get closer to his son.

“Then they were the ones that came to him, and well, he didn’t even know that he was going to the center” he said.

“You need to face reality,”

Yahir declared that he and the whole family are attentive to the recovery of his son, but now it’s Tristan to be the one that really wants to get out of this situation.

“Tristan is my life, my priority, the love of my life, it is a question of it, of an internal change, to be able to accept it, can not overcome the whole issue, he has to face the reality and face the wall and know that There are rules to live “ he said.

He pointed out that the bad friendships were what led him to make bad decisions, but that he expects to be able to experience all of this soon.

For the diver, his work is not sport, but ensuring that your family is well cared for.