How to lose weight fast: 3 simple stages

There are many ways to lose weight fast and see amazing results in your body. However, many make you die of hunger, and impossible to follow.

Many of these diets end up losing muscle and low fat content.

The following plan dietary that I will present to you will help you get incredible results:


  • You will significantly reduce your appetite
  • the

  • You will lose weight quickly without depriving yourself, this is very important since you will feel satisfied and will avoid anxiety
  • the

  • To eat right, you will improve your health metabolic.

How to lose weight quickly: follow these 3 simple steps

Here are the three simple steps that you must take to lose weight quickly:

1. Reduce your intake of sugars and starches

This is one of the sections in which you must pay a lot of attention, because they often consume many foods that contain starch and sugars and are eaten in large quantities, then you should read this very carefully.

from your diet, you need to reduce your carbohydrate intake, since there are certain foods that stimulate the production of insulin, the main hormone of fat storage in the body.

The Role of Insulin in the Body

When the insulin is low, it is easier to consume fat stores and the body begins to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. In addition, another benefit of reducing insulin is that your kidneys will shed excess sodium and water out of the body. (1)

This will help you to reduce the weight, or the swelling of your body. That is why it is not uncommon for you to lose a few pounds in just a week when you start to reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared the diets with a low content of carbohydrates and carbs high, and concluded that the weight loss was similar between the diets, but the diet with high content of fat increased cholesterol levels, and varies the metabolic profiles. (2)

To cut or limit the consumption of carbohydrates in your diet, you will decrease the insulin levels in your body and, in addition, you will reduce your caloric intake automatically, without dying of hunger, in other words, to reduce their insulin levels is equivalent to putting your body in fat-burning on auto-pilot.

As already said before, this is not remove all carbohydrates from your diet to lose weight quickly. If it is a matter of limiting your intake, here are some tips on how to reduce the intake of carbohydrates:



  • Avoid the consumption of refined foods, which contain added sugars that only provide a large amount of calories. But in fact do not contain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber.
  • the

  • Due to their lack of nutrients, they will give your body “empty calories” and can lead to weight gain.
  • the

  • These foods are: candy, soft drinks, pastries, desserts, such as cakes, bakery products, carbonated beverages, syrups, fruits in syrup, cereals with sugar, etc.
  • the

  • Choose food without added sugar, fruits are a good choice.



  • You can eat sparingly the following foods because they are rich in starch: beans, beans, potatoes, corn, rice, oats, barley, and also provide fiber. What your body benefits in many ways.
  • the

  • The foods mentioned above, can also be made with refined grains, rice, white, cakes, cookies, and nutrient-poor.


The best part is that you choose carbohydrates from whole foods, avoid processed foods, opt for whole grains, fruits and vegetables, consume fruit juices without adding sugar, avoid drinks rich in sugar. Read the labels of the products you purchase. (3)

2. Eat vegetables, fats and proteins

Another tip for weight loss quickly, is that you should eat foods rich in nutrients, such as proteins and good fats . This should be included in each of your meals.

The ideal construction and design of their meals is that it contains a portion of protein, good fats and foods that are low in carbohydrates, such as vegetables.



  • lean Meats: chicken, beef, veal, pork, fish such as tuna, salmon, shrimp, etc.
  • the

  • Eggs

There are other sources of plants from which you can get proteins like soy, beans, vegetables, quinoa, nuts, almonds and walnuts. Etc. (4)

When you choose foods rich in protein, you gives you many benefits to your body, the satiety and avoid eating during the day, or “cut” between meals, and you can reduce the calorie intake. (5)

Foods with low carbohydrate content :

As already said before, in addition to include protein in your daily diet, you need to choose foods that are low in carbohydrate, you can consume:


  • Broccoli
  • the

  • Lettuce
  • the

  • Cauliflower
  • the

  • Brussels Sprouts
  • the

  • Kale
  • the

  • swiss Chard
  • the

  • Spinach
  • the

  • Celery
  • the

  • Cucumber
  • the

  • Mushrooms
  • the

  • Avocado
  • the

  • Rabanos

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You should also consume vegetables, there are many ways you can prepare salads, cooked vegetables, cooked in steam, you can eat vegetables in large quantities and combine them with a protein portion.

Remember that these vegetables also contribute a low amount of carbohydrates, which contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. To lose weight quickly will be simple, now we need to know which fats you can consume:

Good fat :

To lose weight quickly, you need to include the essential nutrients in your daily diet, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, you probably think that should not consume them, but the truth is that yes, just choose the good fats. (6)

The body needs fat to perform various functions. But not all fats are the same, here is a list of fats that you can consume without fear:


  • Olive oil
  • the

  • coconut Oil
  • the

  • avocado Oil

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Resources to eat vegetables, fats and proteins:

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21 breakfast with low-carbohydrate



  • Stay away from saturated fats, such as butter, margarine, oils partially hydrogenated, etc. (7)
  • the

  • If you think that to lose weight quickly you must stop eating carbs and fats, you will fail only on your goal of losing weight, what you should do, is to consume these nutrients in the correct fashion
  • the

  • One of the best fats that you can cook is the coconut oil , although it is very rich in fats, are good, as are fatty acids of medium chain, these help to a good health metabolic. And, while I believe that the saturated fats put their health at risk, this is not exactly true. (8)

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3. Follow the exercise / weight lifting:

Although you can lose weight quickly with the two previous steps, the exercise can help you achieve your goal of losing weight more efficiently.

of Course, ideally, you have a discipline to go to the gym 3 to 4 times, and do several routines and / or combine them to get good results. However, many times we do not exercise for lack of time, among other factors that make it difficult for you to go to the gym, but do not worry, the important thing is to start slowly exercising.

If you are a beginner, ask a council trainer, or read, or watch tutorials on the best exercises that you can begin to do this, you can also opt for a simple 20-minute walk per day.

One of the exercises that I recommend most is to lift weights, burn calories, additionally, you will maintain your metabolism functioning and, with this, you will prevent your metabolism from becoming a lens. So, sometimes you can be a side effect after having taken several diets to lose weight. (9)

Some studies have found that, if there is an effect when combining a diet and exercise low carbohydrate content, it has an effect on body composition and energy expenditure, accelerating the loss of fat. (10)

Other options:

If you think that the exercise of weight lifting is not for you, there are other options, many times, and especially if you are a beginner, you may still require more practice to master this exercise.

You can include exercises cardio as jogging, swimming, running or simply walking. the Exercise exercise not only helps you lose weight quickly and / or supports this, it also has many other benefits for the sealth in general.

a break for A week:

Until now, we have seen three very easy steps to apply to lose weight quickly, of course, remembering that the basis of everything is food, choose food with care, as you have seen, this plan will not go hungry, because you will be consuming the nutrients.

in addition, and most important of all, is that you can lose weight in a healthy way, here’s another option to support this simple plan to lose weight.

what in English is “Re-carb” means a day in which more carbohydrates are consumed, people usually prefer Saturday.

And, although it is a day that you can consume a greater amount, this does not mean that you rush to eat processed foods, rich in flours and refined sugars, and starch. But always opts for natural alternatives already described.



  • If you have an event, or going to eat something unhealthy, do it in this day.
  • the

  • does Not increase the consumption of carbs, just choose a day of the week, where there will be more consumption
  • the

  • If you eat more than one day a high consumption of carbohydrates, the plan will not work and you will not see favorable results when you reduce the weight.

Have a day per week of eating more carbs is acceptable, but not precisely necessary, however, it can have some health benefits, such as the increase in hormones like leptin and thyroid hormones. (11)


  • Normally, if you “gain weight” on that day you choose to eat more carbohydrates, will water, you will lose in the next few days. As has already been said, it is not necessary to choose this day. But if this is the help in the beginning.

How to count calories:

You don’t need to work so hard to count your calories . If you have a low consumption of carbohydrates and consuming protein and fat, your diet will be well balanced, it will lose weight.

If you want to follow a specific count calories or have a diet that enables you to know clearly how many calories you are consuming per day, here are some menu options:

Diet of 1500 calories

Diet 1200 calories

Diet 1000 calories

in This, there are many tools that you can use, as some calorie counters, which are generally easy to use.

Consume 20-25 grams of carbs per day. And the rest of the calories come from proteins and fats.

How fast can you lose weight?

These steps that I have suggested to lose weight should be applied in your daily life, are not a magic formula, remember that your goal is to lose weight the healthy way. When it comes to decrease the carbs, you will burn a lot of advances in the first few weeks.

Every body is different, but usually loses weight too fast, you can download in some cases up to two pounds per week, then it is decreasing. But the more weight a person has, the faster you will lose.

best of all, you will notice that you have more energy, and will be at the stage where your body is burning fat. In addition, the diet with low carbohydrate content improves your health in many areas:


  • the sugar levels in The blood decrease
  • the

  • lipid Levels, such as cholesterol, triglycerides are also reduced
  • the

  • blood pressure too low

To mention just a few of the benefits that your body would when you eat less carbs. In addition, it seems to be easier to follow a diet plan with decrease of this nutrient, rather than diets with low fat content.

10 tips to reduce weight, lose fat without suffering so much (and quickly)

Here are 10 tips to apply to your daily life and lose weight:

1. Eat a breakfast rich in protein: eating a breakfast rich in protein helps reduce hunger pangs and, therefore, decreases the calorie intake during the day ( 12 , 13 , 14 ).

2. Avoid drinks and juices sugary: these foods are the ones that have the largest increases in fat, if you avoid them, you will lose weight ( 14 , 15 ).

3. Drink water half an hour before you eat: a study showed that drinking a half an hour before eating increases the weight loss by 44% in the first 3 months ( 16 ).

4. Choose foods that will help you lose weight: certain foods are very helpful for losing fat. Here is a list of 36 Super Foods to lose weight .

5. Eat Soluble Fiber: Studies have shown that eating soluble fiber reduces the level of fat, especially in the abdominal area. Supplements, such as glucomannan help you lose fat ( 17 , 18 , 19 ).

6. Drink coffee or tea: if you are an addict of coffee or tea, start drinking as much coffee as possible, since caffeine can accelerate your metabolism 3-11% ( 20 , 21 , 22 ).

7. Eat foods that are not processed: base your diet on whole foods and not processed. They are much healthier, they will charge more and help you reduce the hunger.

8. Eat your food slowly: people who eat rapidly gain weight more quickly: Eating slower makes you feel fuller and increases the activity of hormones that help you lose weight ( 23 , 24 , 25 ).

9. Use small plates: some studies have shown that the use of smaller boards automatically makes you eat less. Strange, but it works ( 26 ).

10. Sleep until fully rested: not sleeping is one of the factors that you gain in weight, then get worried about getting enough sleep ( 27 , 28 ).


If you lose weight quickly, this does not mean starving yourself. On the contrary, following a diet low in carbohydrates, rich in protein and good fats, you will have many benefits, not only to achieve your goal, but also to improve your health in general. (12)

There are no effects on the hormonal level, because when you reduce the carbohydrates in the diet, your body will experience less hungry, it’s been proven that you will lose 2 to 3 times more weight than with diets conventional as strict or limited in fat. (13)

Finally, if you have any medical condition, such as diabetes or another illness, you should check with your doctor before making any changes.