The apples are aphrodisiac for women

apples are the fruits are healthier and often lose weight, and improve digestion, but did you know that they are also considered aphrodisiacs ?

A group of doctors Italian Santa Chiara Hospital in Trento has found that apples increase the sexual desire of women, especially if they consume more than two per day.

The study

The researchers chose 731 healthy women and sexually active between 18 and 43 years, who were divided into two groups: those who had to eat two apples a day and those who did not eat any.

in The same way, were invited to answer the questionnaire about the Index Function the Female Sexual (IFSF) , which contains 119 questions about the specific aspects of sexual life, such as the frequency of relations, the number of orgasms, lubrication, and satisfaction.


After analysing the responses, the experts have found that those who ate the apples had better function, and response to erotica.

The grounds

the reason for The increase in sexual, according to doctors, it is the combination of two substances: polyphenols and floridzina.

polyphenols are found in various foods and are intended to activate the blood circulation, leading to where you should go.

“As the chocolate and red wine , apples contain polyphenols, antioxidants vegetables that improve blood flow to the genital area and the vagina that leads to orgasms”, they say.

on the other hand, the floridzina is a substance similar to the hormone in sexual estradiol , which has effects on lubrication and desire.

To be effective, you have to eat them regularly and above all, eat a balanced diet. Exercise and have sexual fantasies will also increase the desire.

You will see that the taste will be more sweet and not unpleasant.