Men tolerate depression less

Gilberto Islas Cruz, Service coordinator of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention from the School of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Beneficial of Puebla (BUAP), announced that out of every 10 people who die by suicide, seven are men and three women, This is due to the fact that the men tolerate less emotional pain , which were once superprotegidos by the mother, since they were small.

according To your experience in the head in this instance, he said that the age group most prone to suicide is 10 to 32 years of age, and in the proportion of seven to three men are the most to die for this cause, whose methods are most frequent are hanging, ingesting medicines and cleaning products, shoot with a firearm, stab and shoot in a vacuum.

He pointed out that suicide is a behavior that can be prevented and avoided deaths due to this cause, as demonstrated by 12 years of working with people who have tried it and none of the patients died.

however, the Islas Cruz found that the care psychotherapy of the patient is not enough, also should be worked with the family, the couple and their closest friends.

through a statement, Gilberto Islas Cruz highlighted the importance of the service, created twelve years ago as a free service and permanent offered by the BUAP, with a group of 32 graduates, interns and students of social services from the Faculty of Psychology of the BUAP and other universities.

THE SICPS works with people who have suicidal ideas or with those that have tried, without success, against his life, with the idea of helping them to overcome one of the major causes of suicide, depression .

The research professor also said that the people who attend the service have a common denominator: depression, mood swings triggered by several causes.

Among them, the diagnosis of a serious illness, incurable, loss or amputation of any limb of his body, infidelity, job loss, divorce, sexual abuse and loss of loved ones.

This service also survivors of a suicide, relatives, couples and friends who are impacted and traumatized, which help overcome and take the loss.

The Islas Cruz has announced that, through therapy short, between 12 and 15 working sessions with the patient, he “unable to move forward, recovers and continues his life, we don’t use drugs, but if they were necessary, and the patient needed to be hospitalized, we work with the psychiatrist Víctor Manuel Fernández Domínguez, dean of the School of Psychology of the BUAP “(With information of Notimex).