Christmas Menu for people with high blood pressure

The Christmas dinner is fast approaching and, if you think that there is no food for hypertensive patients, in the sumé we give you a few options.

according To the World Health Organization (WHO) , the hypertension or the high blood pressure can cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, heart palpitations, and nosebleeds, therefore, it is necessary to carry out basic actions of prevention and control, mainly in relation to food.

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Foods for hypertensive patients: a rich menu for Christmas

Entry Soup, vegetable or pasta cooked with natural yoghurt, low-fat, lima bean or lentils.

Dish strong. cooked Turkey, eat turkey, but in a portion of the size of the palm maximum. It can also be a cut from the loin of the same size, avoid to add too much filling, or ask for just the filling because it is in the filling where more fats and salts are added with butter, bacon or meat. Decide: 2 small cuts of turkey or a cut with the filling.

Embellishment Can be mashed potatoes without butter or potatoes cocidad and cut into cubes with onion, vinegar and oregano. They can also be beans with tomato and cilantro, lettuce with vinegar or nopales “la mexicana”, stewed, with tomatoes, onions and cilantro.

Dessert A crepe de cajeta with walnut and banana, a jelly iogur, or a cup of rice with milk, small.

Snacks Popcorn the natural home-cooked or prepared with hot air. ALWAYS without salt.

basic Actions

Avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcoholic beverages, prefer drinks worthy of this station.

For example, the punch without the sugar or with very little: the fruit is sweet enough.

do Not put a shaker of salt on the table, with the of the preparation is sufficient; You need to get used to the natural flavors of food again, no salt or extra sugar.

Stay active during the festivities, avoid a sedentary lifestyle at all times:

Sing, dance, laugh: free up the cell phone and lives with you and with others.

Eat slowly and in small portions, you can choose small dishes that you do not overdo it if you still do not know their portions (not worth repeating):

what do you think?

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Always take your medicines, it is just as important before you leave your home, make sure you load the keys: don’t forget your treatment.

If it makes you more damage or have more hunger “To live”, choose the salad, show yourself to be creative and bring a salad prepared with your favorite ingredients.

Celebrate with moderation!