Why not delete it? It is only a penis

In 2015, the former olympic Bruce Jenner made the announcement the most important of his life; He died, and a new woman came into the world: Caitlyn Jenner.

the phrase “I am a woman”, Jenner confronted the public opinion, because at that point he began his transition to becoming the person that he had always been.

from that time, Jenner has changed his appearance radically; first the hair, the makeup and the clothes, until finally he made the final process to be a woman underwent a surgery for sex change, which was held in January of this year.

“it Is just a penis”

In the letter, Caitlyn reveals that the surgery was a difficult decision due to the health risks involved, however, to be tired of people looking at your pants to see if she had or not the penis was the most motivated. to accept the process.

“So I decided,” Why not delete it? the Is just a penis . There is nothing special, except that I can urinate easily in the forest. I just want to have all the right parts and I’m also tired of folding the damn thing all the time “ he confessed.

“With Caitlyn I don’t have secrets”

In an interview, Jenner revealed that she was happy because after a long struggle, she was able to become your authentic and the cover of Vanity Fair, where he performed as Caitlyn, is one of the things that she cherishes the most.

“I was living a lie, all the days of my life was a secret, from morning to night, with Caitlyn I don’t have secrets, thanks to Vanity Fair, I’m free”, she said.

During the presentation of the “The Secrets of My Life” , he explained that the book talks about his olympic triumph, his rise to fame, as his frustration and desire for revenge increased over the years to hide their true self and about your life He is the center of attention to be a member of the clan Kardashian , what motivated you to be Caitlyn.

“I Am so excited with life as it had not been for 39 years, when I attended the Olympics, almost two-thirds of my life” he said.

She also thanked her family, the community transgênera and the rest of the world have accepted his true identity.