10% of the adult population have experienced problems with drugs, according to a study

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) Approximately 10.3 percent of americans in adulthood seems to have issues with the consumption or abuse of drugs, s&number;n a study conducted by the National Institute of Drug Abuse of the united States with headquarters in Bethesda. The results of the research’n, published in the journal ‘Archives of General Psychiatry’, alsoén show that within this percentage includes 2.6 per cent of individuals who convertá addicted in alg&number;n time of your life.

The authors make it clear that drug abuse is an intense desire to take drugs instead of doing other activities, and dependence occurs when the body becomes fíbasically dependent on the substance. Scientists’graphics used data from personal interviews with más of 43,000 people between 2001 and 2002 made between the people’n adult representative to determine the prevalence of abuse or dependence of nicotine, alcohol or one of the following ten drugs: sedatives, tranquilizers, opiáceos, stimulants, alucin’genos, cannabis, cocaína, inhalants, heroína and other drugs. The participants alsoén were evaluated for possible disorders psiquiácitrus, including the depresi’n, anxiety, and personality disorders. Among those who were considered addicts alsoén is set’ a level of disability that went from 0 to 100. The overall results showed that in the period of 12 months ending on the that were asked to the participants are laid down’association’n clear between the disorders of alcohol use, nicotine dependence and the disorders of the state of ánimo, personality, and anxiety. The authors&bathrooms;alan alsoén were established associations of minor importance among the disorders psiquiácitrus and other drug abuse and antisocial personality disorders. Además, the abuse and adicci’re on drugs a t n e’ with mental disabilities, social and emotional. S&number;n researchers, individuals who abused drugs began at an average age close to 20 to&years, while those who developed the adicci’s hacían about 22 to&years. About 8 percent of those who abused drugs, and nearly 40 percent of addicts receiving the payment.’w treatment throughout your life.