30% of men and 18% of women of Asturias can develop a cancer before the age of 75

GIJ&Rsquo;N, (EUROPA PRESS) The minister of Health, Ram’n Quir’s, indic’ in Asturias, the incidence of n&number;number of cases of cácer increases 3 percent per year, for the most part due to the aging of the population’re. In addition,&bathroom;to the’ that the number of cases shoots up from the 45&bath;os, which means that the health services have to cope with a larger n&number;number of patients. In figures, the counselor&bath;’ it is estimated that approximately 30 percent of men will develop a cáncer before the 75&years, above the national average. This percentage, however, is reduced to 18 per cent in the case of women.

however, Quir’s congratul’ of that there is increasingly más media diagnosis’forecasts, although there is to see c’mo are made available’n of the citizens. Quir’s, during the day, held last Friday at the hospital of Jove multidisciplinary Approach of the elderly patient with cáncer’, enfatiz’ además the fact that value until d’where you must make an effort terapétherapeutic in patients of advanced age, that is to say, "d’where to put the límite". Therefore, apost’ for seeking, on days like today, solutions, for what abog’ by first the professionals but think alsoén at the same time, not s’it in the health, but alsoén in the quality of life, particularly in the late stages of the people. Alsoén&bath;’ that the Principality is very concerned about the issue of the cáncer, so that highlighted wi’ the importance of the day, aimed to share best prápractices clínicas that can be considered, especially in patients of advanced age. Además indic’ that in Asturias there is a great incidence in the cácancers of the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. In this regard, explanation’ that, among men, the cáncer más frequent remains of pulm’re. Quir’s made a call of customer’re on the fact that the cases of cáncer de pulm’n están started to decrease in men but rising in women, due to the increase of smokers. With respect to women, apunt’ that the percentages of patients are más lower than in the european environment, although the figure in Asturias compared to the rest of Espa&bath;to still más high. The incidence of cases of cáncer está going up to raz’n of a 3 per cent annual average in the &number;last déeach, of this percentage, s&number;n the counselor, nearly two points, is due to aging. In fact, apunt’ that there is alg&number;n type of tumor that is está increasing, as for example the colon and rectum, or melanoma. On this &number;last, Quir’s record’ that has a prevenci’n fácil, which consists in having care with the exhibit’n solar. Apart from this, manifest’ that the greater n&number;number of cases increase is due to the increase in life expectancy, as a más old más risk of getting a cáncer. RESEARCH WITH CELLS MOTHER. On the possibility of using células madre in the treatment of cáncer, Quir’s apunt’ is a línea promising, although está still’in academic, research’re. The counselor apost’ by strengthening the research’n and cuáthem are the &number;scams developments and try to evaluate qué tétechniques novel, once tested, are "effective, efficient, and safe" to patients and that can be put in place in Asturias. Despite all of this, alert’ that it is necessary to act calmly, producing a lot of news that not can be applied immediately to patients. PREVENTION AGAINST CANCER. Quir’s abog’ alsoén to continue the work of prevention’n y detecci’n early cáncer, as for example is está making in the breast. Alsoén record’ that the Principality is going to intensify programmes of detecci’n in the case of cáncer cervical, además that incorporateá the vaccine papilloma. Quir’s announcement’ está valuing make a campa&bath;referred to the cáncer of the colon and rectum. NOT GAINING WEIGHT, EXERCISING AND NOT SMOKING. Not osbtante, insisti’ in that it is much más important to try to avoid that it does not appear the cáncer. Therefore, the Consejeríto promoteá all the programs of the promotion’re of health. "The cáncer, we can prevent each and every one of us", apunt’. In this sense, Quir’s recommendations’ "exercise físico, having a power supply’re right and not get fat". In his opini’n ésta is the best prevenci’n against the cáncer, así as not smoking or prevent of the exhibit’n solar excessive. Also, during the inauguraci’n of the day, the counselor&bath;’ that it is not reasonable that the offer of medical treatment is different in function’re in the area of asturias, in which esté, so that justifc’ esceso of day or the homologaci’re the service to the citizen. Alsoén remarc’ that the health system should work for the ciudadanía and abog’ for, in many cases, "stop looking at the navel" and consider the usefulness of the treatments, not s’it in if the hand’n will haveá ésuccess but what it will give to the patient. In his opinion, is not based on a&bath;add to&years, but in view "if you will contribute to quality of life".