Has died the actor JUANITO NAVARRO

The actor Juanito Navarro has passed away this Monday at the 86&years as a result of a cardiac arrest, s&number;n has been reported to Europa Press, a family. The protagonist of comedies like ‘The Leandras’, ‘A girl almost decent’ or ‘The taxi of the conflicts’, has lost the life in an unexpected way –not padec’to any disease– to 4.00 hours of the morning at his home madrile&bath;or. The funeral chapel to beá installed from this ma&bath;ana in the morgue of the M-30 and Tuesday, beá cremated and buried, at 11.00, at the cemetery of la Almudena.

  DATA BIOGRÁGRAPHICS The actor Juanito Navarro, star of comedies such as The leandras, The er’tico masked or This is a robbery (1987), has died this Monday in his home in Madrid to 86&bath;os, s&number;n has informed a family member..

Juan Rubio Navarro, although curs’ studies of Engineersíto Aeronáutica, from its beginnings, he became a’ in specialist roles c’micos journal and protagoniz’ títitles of género as The double white (1947), The spark of life (1981) or by all (1987), along with cabaret stars like Pilar’n Bravo, Raquel Daina, Ethel Red or Addy Ventura. At the end of a&bath;os seventy cre’ your own compa&bath;ía, in that work.’ with actresses such as Bib’ Andersen, or Gina. Alsoén dedic’ part of his professional career at the género music-hall, by collaborating on pieces like This night with you (1980), with excellent base’ Espa&bath;on a tour; the musical comedy life begins each ma&bath;ana (1983) or the work Corrupci’n and plunder of donkeys (2002).