Dentists are demanding the inclusion of the milk teeth in the plan oral

Madrid (EFE).- The president of the General Council of Official Colleges of Odont’logos and Estomat’logos de Espa&bath;a, Alfonso Villa Vigil, has criticized today the plan of oral health for ni&bath;os of 7 to 15&years by the inclusion’n of the root canals, the only’n of the milk teeth or the calendar of care’ve for ages. In statements to Efe, Villa Vigil has been shown "very happy" with the plan of oral health promoted by the minister of Health, Bernat Soria, in compliance with "an electoral commitment of the socialist party", although it has claimed "small&bathrooms;changes".

Has called "unfortunate" inclusion’n of the root canals in the plan, taking into account that éstas need not to be made the fillings to time, when están not cater for the disabled, the elderly or patients with sísevere Jogren, who suffer from dryness of the mucous membranes especially of the mouth, so that they have many cavities. Afterés to express their respect for the right of the Government to decide cuáthem are the priorities, the president of the Council has been&bath;winged he would have liked that the plan was to pick up the milk teeth or primary, because they save you’an to the families a lot of money for orthodontic treatment. From a point of view tétechnical, has estimated that it would have been better to treat milk teeth that root canals, given that, if there is decay in these teeth and extracting them, move the demás and then there are the treatments of orthodontics. "A very serious error", s&number;n Villa Vigil, is the pretensi’n of the Government of incorporating the ni&years of two-by-two&years, so this a&bath;or enter the 7 and 8-a&bath;os, following the 9 and 10 and así on so that in five to&bathrooms;I cover all ages from 7 to 15&years. The president of the Council has indicated that, when a nor&bathroom;or go to the dentist at 6 to&years, 45 euros per nor&bath;and a&bath;or firm’ the Government allow that esté serviced up to 15&years, but when a teenager of 15 a&bath;os goes first to the odont’logo to the decay accumulated during his entire life, we have to make all the fillings together and that does not cost 45 euros but 300 ’ 400. Instead of making a plan "advertising" to meet "fast" all or&years 7 to 15&years, has highlighted the importance of incorporating them by courts: first the 7-to&years, afterés of the 7 and 8, then the 7, 8 and 9, and así staggered to be able to meet all the nor&bathrooms;os of between 7 and 15&years in the period of nine a&bath;os. Villa Vigil has pointed out that some communities aut’only as the Valenciana and Catalu&bath;to have shown their disagreement with the implementation of the plan of oral health, because, until now, no habían offered treatments odontol’data, the or&years, but that habían opted for measures of drug prevention’re. Now, it has to&bathrooms;added, these regions have to contribute 22,5 euros per nor&bath;and a&bath;or, what they’re supposed to be "a huge cost", while other communities such as Navarre, Andalucía País Vasco, Baleares or Arag’n, that were already dedicating resources to the care’n odontol’gica, están very happy to receive a aportaci’n 22.5 euros from the State. EFE