An expert highlights the role "key" of nurses to achieve improved patient’s emotional dermatological

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) The role of nurses is "key" to achieve the best’to the patient’s emotional dermatol’magical, s&number;n dr. Gregory Carter, head of Service for Dermatología del Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Doctor Âín and co-author of the manual ‘Médoctors and nurses should work in parallel around the patient, and not in vertical’, which offers a series of guidelines to manage the emotional impact of the disease in patients.

Sec&number;n the doctor Wheelwright, the traditional way of understanding care in dermatología has a filosofíto the vertical position: the nurse collaborates with the médico. However, the nurses are "much más that the assistants of the médoctor" by "their role in the care of the sick", those who draw near "integral". The expert starts from the premise that the disease should not be limited to the áscope orgánico, because it affects many spheres of life of the patient as sexual, or social work, where is "fundamental" the work of the nurse’this is the case of psoriasis, a disease that affects close to a mill’n of people in Espa&bath;and that has a great impact on the quality of life of the patient. Así, 29 percent of the patients modify your way of styling in the function’n of his illness, and más than half (58%) does not do sport to not be shown in p&number;public. Dr. Carter noted that, as with this hand’n más integral for the part of nurses is achieved, in the first place, that the patient will feel relieved "I’by the fact that someone will understand" and, in the second instance, you get a fidelizaci’n of the patient to the consultation and a better adhesi’re the treatment. To enhance the role of the Nurse’to in Dermatologíto the laboratories, Wyeth has funded the Manual of the Consultation of the Nurse’Dermatol’gica, la Guíto ASSIGN, distributeá in the services of Dermatologíto the hospitals of the entire Espa&bath;a, inform’ the company&bath;ía in a statement.