To control the cardiovascular risk factors, essential for the treatment of diabetes

Until now, the treatment model recommended for people with diabetes has been mainly focused on the control glucémico, however, experts believe that there are other factors that must be controlled to prevent the progression’n of the disease such as cardiovascular risk factors, so that it can prevent the appearance’n of complications associated with the disease. This is one of the conclusions that are drawn from the Guías Prápractice Clínica in type 2 Diabetes, and the paper presented by dr. angel Merchante, specialist Endocrinología and Nutrici’n of the Diabetes Unit of the Department of Health Xátory-Ontinyent during the Conference on the comprehensive approach of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

"clínicos agree on a series of torqueámeters must comply with the therapies recommended: that does not cause hypos, because that is one of the main determinants of poor compliance of the patients and the increased cardiovascular risk; they do not increase the weight, because more’to of diabéticos are already overweight or obese; to protect the célula beta long-term, so that there is an effect maintained in the best’to of glycosylated hemoglobin, and to have protective effects in the cardiovascular risk", highlights the doctor Merchante. On the other hand, during the meeting stressed that the diabetes has become one of the health problems más grave in all the world, reaching as proportions epidémicas. In Espa&bath;to, diabetes affects 6.5% of the population’re between 30 and 65 to&years. In opini’n del doctor Miguel Catalá Bauset, director of the Diabetes Plan of the Valencian Community and one of the speakers at the conference, "all of these complications of diabetes dutyían awareness of the society and to the health authorities of the magnitude of the problem and of the benefits that can be achieved with a good planning’n health resources to avoid the appearance of complications and improve their quality of life, as well as in the prevention’n adequate disease". In this sense, Alfonso Rodríguez, director of Institutional Relations of Novo Nordisk, has emphasized the "importance of establishing synergies and the v’s collaboration’re among the industry farmacéutica, and the communities aut’only to find the algorithms of treatment más suitable for people with diabetes".