One of every 4 castellano leoneses, do not know what is sleep apnea

25 percent of the castellanoleoneses has never orído speak of the apnea of the floor and 82 percent do not know that it is a disorder that affects the health, although this disease suffer from 1.5 million espa&bath;oles and más 80 percent of these está no diagnose. These data are derived from the ‘a Study on the Knowledge and Perceptions of the Apnea del Sue&bathrooms;or in the Society Espa&bath;wave’, carried out by Asenarco (Association’n Espa&bath;wave of the Sue&bath;or), in collaboration’n with the rea Sue&branches;or of the SEPAR (Sociedad Espa&bath;wave of Neumología and surgery, laser treatment’Torácica) and with the support of Philips Respironics.

Sec&number;n this report to which has had access Europa Press, nearly half of the population’n of Castile and Le’re not know how to identify the risks associated with the apnea del sue&bath;and 40 per cent nor their s’symptoms. "however –warns this study– there is a relationship’n between apnea del sue&bath;or y patologías más a serious as the hipertensi’n, heart failure or diabetes". In this study have participated 2.543 persons resident in Espa&bath;between the ages of 18 and 70 to&years, to través of interview phone’nica, which was conducted between June and July of this a&bath;or. On the basis of these data, these three organizations collaborate to launch a campa&bath;concienciaci’re on the apnea del sue&bath;or that under the slogan ‘Live día, rest of night’ walk to various points of the geografía espa&bath;wave. This initiative is está developing during the months of October to December of 2010 and has the involucraci’n of médoctors and patients to shareán tips and measures to deal with this disorder in talks and local meetings. S&number;n said the president of Asenarco, Virgilio Vicente García, by this campa&branches;it aims to join forces to bring awareness to the population’re on the relevance of the diagnosis’guide and treatment of a disease that presents "serious consequences" for health. "In this way, we have a double objective, to help many people that have apnea del sue&bath;or and they are unaware of to know how to detect the disease and consult a médico, and to facilitate information’n patients diagnosed to know and to comply with the treatment", has asserted. ATTITUDES ASSOCIATED with THE APNEA DEL SUE&Bath;Or This study remember that the rest is in the third part of the life, "however –warns– it is not always that we sleep, we rest". Así, the report explains that when the sue&bath;or is interrupted, the body doesn’t recover sufficiently. Regarding the fact of "sleep well", this study reveals that práalmost the entirety of the people’n of Castile and Le’n (95 per cent) believes that it is important to feel good and enjoy good health, above all the rest (34 percent) and to be able to perform the work (34 per cent). In terms of the quality of the sue&bath;or, the 13 percent of respondents of all Espa&bath;to declare that you sleep as bad or very bad, a circumstance which is attributed mainly to the estrés (5 per cent) or health problems (3 per cent. In the &number;last-place refer to the apnea del sue&damages;or (0.1 per cent), however, and s&number;n SEPAR, apnea del sue&bath;or it is a very common disease which affects 4 percent of men and 2 percent of women. In total, about 1.5 million of espa&bath;oles.