Environmental organizations delivered today in Brussels for a million signatures against gmos

The organization’n ecologista Greenpeace and the movement Avaaz to deliverán Thursday, the commissioner of Health and Protection’n Consumer policy, John Dalli, más of a mill’n of signatures to support their petition’n for the EU to go the cultured organisms geneétically modified (GMO) while not improve the controls over its safety. Although the request’n está directed to the chief of the community Executive, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, está provided that the commissioner Dalli, who received in his office the representatives of these two organizations in around 11:00 hours.

Afterés, the commissioner visitá the facility’n protest that Greenpeace and Avaaz want to place at the entrance of the headquarters of the Commission’re in Brussels. Organizations want with this step to activate the call ‘European Initiative for a Citizen’, a new instrument envisaged by the Treaty of Lisbon, so that citizens can complain to Brussels new legislation if they gain the support of a mill’n of firms. Community sources have questioned the request’re from environmentalists can benefit from the new european instrument given to&number;n has not entered into force. Its implementation is está pending approval final Eurocámara and Council, afterés of this week, the parties closed an agreement on its content. However, Brussels understands that the más of a mill’n of signatures collected shows that the day’n of the transgénicos in the EU is a question’n "sensitive" that is of concern to the opini’n p&number;public. The community Executive "already covered" in your proposals some of the líneas suggested by the ecologists, sec&number;n community sources. In the month of July, commissioner Dalli present’ a legislative proposal to give más freedom to member States to decide for themselves to allow or veto a crop transgénico sí has authorization’re in the whole of the community market. Alsoén prevé that national governments may argue reasons éethical or moral to not allow a GMO, despite the fact that it had not reports scientificígraphics against. Many member States, among them, Espa&bath;to, have shown their doubts about the proposal of Dallo, not logr’ too many supports in the discussions that have already had the 27 at the ministerial level, so that contin&number;w the work to try to bring their positions closer on a negociaci’n "to carryá time". Espa&bath;a, main producer of GMOS in the EU, rejects the greater flexibility proposed to Brussels because he fears is a step toward the "renacionalizaci’n" of the políticas european.