Enters into force the royal decree that regulates the prescribing nurse

The Official State Bulletin (BOE) has published yesterday the Royal Decree that regulates the prescription of drugs that do not require a prescription by part of the nursing staff, as approved by the Council of Ministers on the 23rd of October, and which will enter into force tomorrow, December 24.

The Table of the nursing Profession, made by the General Nursing Council and the Union of Nursing, has been accused by the government of the Popular Party of “betrayal of the nursing profession and to the normal functioning of the health system”.

in Addition, in a statement, has referred to this publication of “move undemocratic” do “at night” -in full hangover election and to the doors of Christmas – and demonstrating a “cowardly policy that is unprecedented in the history of the health”.

The Table object, next to the main parties and a total of twelve autonomous communities, to this decree, due to which, you have denounced, not be able to tell any medication if before you do not have a prescription.

Until now, the nursing staff could use and indicate a good number of medicines that need prescription, as usual, but starting tomorrow will be “tied his feet and hands”, and will force patients to always pass by a doctor.

If you alter this new procedure, the professionals will incur an offence of professional intrusion, which will take them, as they have regretted from the Table, “a huge personal insecurity and professional”.

This royal decree was adopted to give “legal coverage”, as explained by the minister in the press conference after the Council of Ministers of October 23, and to enable it to legally nurses to dispense medications that can be purchased freely in pharmacies.