The Jiménez Díaz Foundation, The Peace and the Clinic, best hospitals in Spain

The Fundación Jiménez Díaz, La Paz (Madrid) and the Clinic of Barcelona lead the list of the best hospitals in Spain, among which there are a total of 5 centers in madrid, four in barcelona and one in seville, according to the Index of Excellence Hospital (IEH 2015).

This study sets out the opinions of almost 2,000 health professionals, who have provided data and opinions about the centres in which they work, and measures excellence on the basis of the results.

So, according to the opinion of these professionals, the Fundación Jiménez Díaz (Madrid) leads the IEH-General 2015, followed by La Paz (Madrid), the Clinic of Barcelona, the Quirón Madrid, the Gregorio Marañón (Madrid), the Quirón Barcelona, the Virgin of the Rocío (Seville), the Vall d’’hebron (Barcelona), the Teknon Medical Center (Barcelona, spain) and Ramón y Cajal (Madrid).

According to the Institute Coordinates Governance and Applied Economics, has prepared this index, the results “beyond the total number of services offered in the centers to focus on the quality and valuation of the same”.

The IEH understands the excellence in hospitality as “the sum of the quality of care, hospital service, well-being and patient satisfaction, capacity for innovation, personalized attention and efficiency of resources”.

in Addition, bet for “the sustainability of the health care system is public, free and quality”, as the excellence in hospitality has an impact on “the welfare end of the patient, to the citizen who pays his taxes, or the individual who pays for his own healing”.

The preparation and publication of the IEH 2015 “it reflects the will of the Institute Coordinates of rewarding excellence, innovation and social well-being”, according to its vice president, Jesus Sanchez Lambás, for whom the study has wanted to “from a point of view novel, and to generate added value”