An outbreak bronchiolitis forces to lead babies from hospitals Catalan public to private

An outbreak of bronchiolitis, a respiratory illness caused by a virus that is affecting babies, has forced the UCI’s pediatric hospitals Catalan public to derive some neonates ICUS in private hospitals, as confirmed by the minister of Health in functions, Boi Ruiz.

In a press conference to present the report on the effect of the crisis on the health of the catalans, and asked about the situation of bronchiolitis, Ruiz explained that the ICU paediatric “they have a certain space, the beds can’t improvise and whenever we have had problems of this type we have taken these measures”.

According to has added the counselor, the referral of neonatal patients affected by bronchiolitis, an epidemic that occurs every year, it is usual each winter when public health does not have sufficient ICU beds.

Ruiz has ensured that the health system “it gives response in this regard” and has ensured that all the children affected by this virus are being properly cared for.

For its part, the pediatrician and secretary of the sector of primary and ICS of the union Metges de Catalunya, Anna Roca González, has explained to Efe that this epidemic happens every year, but this year the virus has mutated, it has become more virulent and cause more severe symptoms, especially in infants of less than six months.

Despite the fact that the UCI pediatric already expanding each year before the arrival of the cold and the epidemic of bronchiolitis usual, during the last week have been overwhelmed.

In Catalonia there are five ICU pediatric neonatal network of public hospitals Sant Joan de Deu, Vall d’Hebron, Sant Pau, Parc Taulí of Sabadell Josep Trueta of Girona and three private in the Hospital General de Catalunya, the Instituto Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona.

According to Rock, the ICU of the hospital Sant Joan de Deu, which expanded its usual 18 seats to 22 to address the epidemic, has admitted to today in his ICU, a total of 27 children.

A spokesman for the Hospital Vall d’’hebron of Barcelona has acknowledged, in statements to Efe, that have the pediatric ICU full after extend of 18 to 20, their squares, although they do not have to derive any baby affected with bronchiolitis and have been accepted to some coming from other health facilities.

“We have a care pressure powerful for the bronchiolitis and we are answering between 8 and 10 cases of this disease every day in the emergency room, where we accept cases from other hospitals,” said the spokesman, who has assured that this situation occurs every year with the arrival of the cold and the Respiratory Virus Sincipial (RSV), which causes bronchiolitis.