Two out of every ten critical patients to reduce their stay in the hospital thanks to the farmaconutrición, according to experts

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) The farmaconutrici’n significantly decreases infectious complications and hospital stay of patients admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU), s&number;n highlighted by the experts participating in the course on ‘nutritional Support in the patient crítico’ held in Barcelona and organized by the Society Espa&bath;ola de Nutrici’n Parenteral and Enteral (SENPE), the Sociedad Espa&bath;wave of Intensive care Medicine, Crítica and Coronary Units (SEMICYUC) and Novartis Medical Nutrition.

In this sense, and s&number;n reported that these entities, in a press release, the nutrici’n víenteral feeding with a diet enriched in farmaconutrientes, decreases by 20 percent the chances of that appear infectious complications in the patient crítico, and in the quir&number;rgico, reducing además stay in the hospital. Also, the administration’n de nutrici’n enteral feeding early, within the first 24 hours from admission to the ICU, has "a beneficial effect on the evolution’re patient", s&number;n explained’ the head of the Section’re in Intensive care Medicine at the University Hospital 12 October of Madrid and one of the coordinators of the course, dr. Juan Carlos Montejo. For his part, the head of Intensive Medicine, Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, dr. Alfonso Mesejo, highlighted wi’ the farmaconutrici’n contributes to strengthening your immune system thanks to the acci’n farmacol’logo of any of its substrates as creía few&years, to the time that these substrates improve the cicatrizaci’n, contribute to the liberaci’n of hormones especítransfers and improve glycemic control. Although the farmaconutrici’n residents’ care’re of course, alsoén it reviewed the suitability of the various v’s administration’n of nutrients, given that currently, the advances in the f’rmulas de nutrici’n enteral and in the tétechniques of the use’n of probes, así as the ability to perform this form of nutrici’n in the home, have facilitated the expansion’n of this type of nutrici’re.