The WTO asks to punish soon those responsible for putting defective implants

(Photo: La Vanguardia)

The president of the Organization Physician Collegial (WTO), Juan José Rodríguez Sendín, has asked today that the Justice to act as soon as possible and clarify the responsibility of the 47 physicians involved in the collection of commissions in exchange of not reporting failures found in the prostheses of the brand Traiber.

In statements to journalists, Sendín has pointed out that, if confirmed, the actions of these doctors “putting at risk the health of the citizens,” “absolutely unacceptable” and asked that those responsible be punished with the full weight of the law.

The instructor of the so-called case Innova has involved 47 physicians from public and private schools, many of them in Catalonia, in the research of prosthesis of hip, knee and column manufactured by Traiber at its plant in Reus (Tarragona).

The judge considers that there are responsibilities for 47 doctors of different hospitals that they would have continued with placing the prosthesis despite the fact that the brand had shortcomings and, in some cases, “no evidence” commissions “to maintain the mouth closed” to detect failures.

Sendín has asked not to be widespread and to distinguish between the real responsible and direct and those “passing by” and they do not have any kind of responsibility.

the chairman of the WTO has regretted that these cases “sapping the confidence of the citizens” in the profession, because of “the few that have been submitted to the purchase that you always want to make more money than they deserve for their products,”.