How can you avoid gaining weight at Christmas?

Christmas is coming and, with it, the family gatherings, and work where food is the great protagonist. Lunch and dinner are copious flood these days the tables of many, but is it possible to not win pounds in these dates? The trick lies in “the small portion” or “plate”, according to José Manuel García, endocrinologist, Hospital Virgen de la Victoria de Málaga.

“you can go to a christmas dinner and try all the foods, but, instead of getting a giant dish, are served several small dishes, which give even the feeling that you’ve eaten more, and that allows you to decrease the amount of food”, explains Garcia.

however, resist the traditional dishes for Christmas is hard, and many times you forget that you put only a small portion of potato salad and ends up eating six nuggets instead of one.

therefore, there are more “tricks” to keep the line christmas and are based on eating fruits and vegetables, which are the great allies of the diets.

dr. Garcia says he is “good” to start the meal with vegetables and so “to satisfy the appetite with little food energy to meet the table with less hungry”.

Garcia also recommends taking a piece of fruit before you sit down with the family to dinner and thus avoid “the agglomeration of calories”, because, according to the alert, “it is easy to put together in a dinner of 1,500 calories, which is spending a person all day”.

Among the many standards we also find the trap, because, he says, for those people who enjoy good health “neglected a week” they will impact.

Where you have to put the attention is on patients who suffer from diabetes or any metabolic problem, because, in the words of García, “these days they often skip treatments” and “keep you”.

in Addition, the endocrinologist speaks of alcohol and sweets, the big stars of these dates, and he says that “numbers” the alcohol would be equivalent to a 3.7 in the table of carbohydrates and sweets, to a nine.

“A beer of 200 milliliters assumes 80 calories, but 200 grams of sweet is equivalent to 600 calories”, explains Garcia, and adds that “the comparison is clear”.

as to why is putting on weight at this time more than at any other time of the year, Garcia argues that this is due to the intake of “food with more energy value,” and added that “men gain four kilos on average, and two women,”.

curiously, the endocrine pointing out that the differences of weight are also given for geographical areas and claims that they are the areas of the Balearic islands and Castilla y León, where more weight is caught at these parties.

José Manuel García also offers solutions for those who can’t avoid the temptation and catch weight, and ensures that the key is “return to the mediterranean diet, work the outline of the plate: half of what you eat is vegetables” and advocates for the physical exercise.