Almost 2 out of every ten patients treated with oxygen continue to smoke

"5.7 percent of patients aged 40 to&years that receive treatment with oxygen therapy contin&number;to smoking, a figure that increases to 18.4 percent in patients between 40 and 60 a&bath;os", says dr. Carlos Jiménez Ruiz, co-director of the study, ‘JACK’ (Smoking in patients with Oxygen therapy cr’unique home in the Community of Madrid), conducted by NeumoMadrid and Carbides Mémedical and published in the &number;last n&number;number of ‘Archives of Bronconeumología’.

it Is known that the oxygen cr’nica home (OCD) "is the &number;nica as terapéutica, able to improve survival in those patients with respiratory failure cr’nica that happened in the advanced stages of Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Cr’nica (EPOC)", explains dr. Inmaculada Ramos, director Médico of Carbides Mémedical. However, the effectiveness of this treatment está related to the appropriate use of the same. "It has been shown, ” explains dr. Ramos – that the persistence of the consumption of tobacco decreases the effectiveness of the treatment". To doing’n of this study, the researchers took account of 845 patients with oxygen therapy cr’nica home, and belonging to hospitals of the Community of Madrid.