The regular doses of aspirin reduce risk of asthma in women

Washington, (EFE).- A small bathroom;at the dose of aspirin every two díace can reduce the risk of women to develop asthma, s&number;n claims a study published today the journal "Thorax". The new property of the analgésico binds to the characterífeatures anticoagulants already known to help prevent cardiovascular problems, s&number;n other studies médoctors. The effects antiasmáticos of aspirin were discovered in a study of 40,000 women, health professionals and aged 45 to&years not tenían, serious illnesses, allergies or asthma.

so random is administr’ a group of them 100 mg of aspirin, días alternates, and the other a harmless substance for 10 years, in which his health was kept under close observation’re. During this period, the cases of asthma were reduced by ten percent. Among those who consumed aspirin cases were 872 and of asthma between those who are managers’ placebo were 963. The effect of aspirin was evident no matter what the age, the state menopáusico, levels of exercise and the consumption of tobacco, factors that may have influenced,&bathrooms;alaron scientists’graphics Department of Preventive Medicine at the Hospital Brigham of Boston (Massachusetts). However, the researchers warned that in the cases of women classified as obese the regular dose of aspirin in días alternative did not reduce the risk of developing asthma. EFE