A study shows that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables less weight gain in the long term

ALICANTE, (EUROPA PRESS) A group of research’n of Epidemiolog’to the Nutrici’n of the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche (Alicante) has shown that high consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk, in the medium and long term –in a period of ten to&bath;os–, of weight gain and obesity in the population’n couánea adult, s&number;n reported today in a press release the sources of the institution’n académica. The study, which has been published in the &number;last n&number;number of the prestigious magazine ‘Obesity’ –considered to be among the highest-impact scientificífico in Nutrici’n & Obesity–, está directed by professor Jes&number;s Vioque of the UMH.

This work has analyzed the relationship’n existing between the weight gain and the intake of fruits and vegetables in 206 adults between the ages of 15 and 80 to&years who participated in the Survey Nutrici’n and Health of the Comunitat Valenciana conducted in 1994. Ten&years afterés, the researchers Jes&number;s Vioque, Tanja Weinbrenner, Adela Castell’, Laura Asensio and Manoli García de la Hera contacted with the 206 volunteers who weighed, and carved again, and evaluated their diet and lifestyles today. The study revel’ that participants had a weight gain of on average of 3.41 kilograms in the ten&years, s&number;n detailed the same sources. For the research’n, the specialists divided the population’re at the beginning of the study in four groups of equal size&damages;or s&number;n your level of consumption of fruits and vegetables, from the group of lower fuel consumption, the consumption of which did not exceed the 362 grams for the día –less than three units to the día– up to the group with the highest consumption taking daily más of 698 grams of fruit and vegetables –más of six units or parts–. Además of the diet, the researchers took into account the effect of other factors considered risk for weight gain, as the exercise físico, the ’index of body mass, tobacco and alcohol, así as the sex of the volunteers.