Scientists study the preparation of a chewing gum to combat obesity

London (EFE).- Obesity couldíto be addressed in the future with a simple chewing gum prepared from a gut hormone that mimics the feeling’n of fullness in the body in the human, today announced a scientificígraphics británicos..

The experts, led by professor Steve Bloom, from Imperial College, London, están developing a fármaco with the above-mentioned hormone, that in about five to&bathrooms;I can’to be available as a treatment based on injections, they explained.

  however, your goal is to develop a type of medication that can be absorbed by mouth to be able to introduce it in a chewing gum, said. Another option’n to manage the treatment to beíto través of a nasal inhaler. The first experiments carried out by researchers have indicated that moderate doses of the hormone known as polipéptido pancreático can be reduced from a 15 percent to 20 percent the amount of food eaten by healthy volunteers. The mice administr’ the composite lost 15 percent of its weight in s’as a week. In England, some 30,000 people die each a&bath;or as a result of obesity, result of diabetes and coronary disease. Currently, the drugs available have serious side effects and must be administered with great care. "A treatment based on a natural appetite suppressant, simulating the feeling’n satiety of the body, has the potential to be safe and effective. We believe that the polipéundergone pancreático may be the answer", declar’ Bloom. The body generates this hormone, the téterm of each meal to ensure that the ingesti’re food is not awry, but there are people who produce less than others, and, in any case, the production’n is reduced when there are overweight. EFE