Be high or low is determined by genes

Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the united States have identified variants of unknown previously associated with height and can’w provide information’re on the architecture genética of other complex traits. The results of the study are published in the journal ‘American Journal of Human Genetics’. Although the environment variable may have an impact on the stature in adult life, está clear that height is primarily determined by alleles specígraphics that an individual inherits. It is believed that the stature está influenced by variants in a large n&number;number of genes and that each variant has s’a small bathroom;or impact. However, the genética of the stature is not well known.

Sec&number;n explains Hakon Hakonarson, head of the study, "to&number;n we have not identified all of the variants needed to explain height, and it is likely that the variant geneéticas additional are uncommon in the population’n or have a very small bathroom;or, which requires samples of extremely great for identifying’n effective". The researchers conducted a análysis geneético complex más than 100,000 individuals and report identification’n 64 variants associated to height. Two of these variants may notían to have been identified if the sample would not have been so wide and if they have not been including the análysis of polymorphisms of n&number;cleotido &number;nico (SNP) little common. A SNP is a variaci’n in s’n&number;cleotido of a sequence genética. The results suggest that análysis of these SNPS are relatively rare and occur in less than 5 percent of the population’re allows you to identify new&branches;ales and variants of the disease that the study of SNPS common overlooked, as long as the samples of population’n are large enough.