Identified a molecule that could explain why the same diet grow-out to some people and not others

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) Researchers in the Laboratory of Biología Molecular-European, the Instituto de Nutrici’n Alemán in Potsdam and the University of Cincinnati (united States) have identified in mice a molécula, called Bsx, which couldíto be the v’link between the activity física spontaneouslyánea and the consumption of food. The research, published in the journal ‘Cell Metabolism’, can’to have discovered the reason that the same diet can make you fat to one person while others do not

Sec&number;n the researchers, the mice that lack of the molécula show a lower activity física spontaneouslyánea, perceive the be&bathrooms;ales of hunger differently and have a lower concentration’n of hormones of the power’re in your brain in comparaci’n with normal mice. S&number;n the researchers Bsx couldíto be a target with a promising future for the control of obesity derived from the diet in humans. S&number;n explains Maria Sakkou, one of the principal investigators of the study, "Bsx is conserved across species and is very likely to have a role very similar in the control of body weight of the human". Sakkou is&bathrooms;wing that the differences in the activity of Bsx between individuals can’w not explain qué some people are más active than others and less susceptible to obesity derived from the diet. "Bsx couldíto be the key for qué some diets become to an obese person while not affecting other", indicates the researcher. The authors of the work&damages;alan the unconscious movements that we make when, for example, we work in front of the computer and the consumption of food are two crucial factors for the regulation’n of body weight. Both están controlled by a part of the brain called the hipotálamo and are intrínsecamente linked. When we are hungry our activity spontaneouslyánea increases and makes us seek food and feed. The molécula Bsx operates through the regulation’of the expression’n of NYP and AgRP, hormones hipotálamo that promote the power’re. If there is no Bsx will produce less hormones, which leads to that s’on a few occasions the mice look for food, even though they have been without eating for an extended period of time. Scientists’graphics suggest that Bsx alsoén is necessary for the células brain to detect and respond to the is&bathrooms;ales especíspecific hunger of the body, as without the hormone, the mice do not feel’an hunger.