Improve the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s through the natural cannabinoids in the brain

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) Researchers from the University of Stanford in Palo Alto (united States) have managed to improve the s’symptoms engines of Parkinson’s that occur in mice to través of the natural cannabinoids in the brain. The conclusions of the research’n, that point to a possible treatment for the disease, published in the journal ‘Nature’.

Sec&number;n the researchers, the therapies that boost levels of the brain cannabinoid can’an to work well along with those others that promote dopamine levels. Scientists’graphics provided two fármacos mice that showed s’symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease. The first reduc’to the descomposici’n of the natural cannabinoids in the brain, and the second promoted the activity of a type específico of dopamine receptor. Afterés treatment, the s’symptoms engines of the animals improved. The researchers believe that the two fármacos on set reset a type of cellular plasticity, known as depresi’n long-term, in which the strength of the synapse weakens. The effect occurs in a subset of células to reside in one of the main neural mechanisms that control movement and that is believed to está to be impaired in Parkinson’s disease. "The study points to what couldíto be a new class of therapy for Parkinson’s disease", explains Robert Malenca, director of the study. "We have identified a new víto manipulate the circuits that do not work well in Parkinson’s, although even that can be tested in humans to passá a long time", concludes the researcher.