Pregnant women who stop smoking have babies more cheerful, according to a study

WASHINGTON, (Reuters/EP) mothers who quit smoking when están pregnant women tend to have bebés más cheerful and adaptable, sec&number;n a team of researchers at británicos. By contrast, bebés of the women who continued smoking are especially gru&bathrooms;ones, and the researchers believe that mothers who manage to make the effort of leaving the háhabit alsoén care más for their children in other aspects.

bebés of those who have never smoked alsoén are más temperamental that the children of women who dropped out of the tobacco, the researchers found. Tobacco can affect the growth of the fetus and it has been shown that alsoén can be da&bath;ar to the or&years if you are the passive smoking of the cigarettes of his mother. But dr. Kate Pickett, University of York, believes that his team has discovered something más. Have followed 18,000 bebés británicos born between 2000 and 2002, así as their mothers, who are part of a larger study. They did to the mothers a series of questions about the carácharacter of their children, "things like if a&bath;or is receptive or not to new things, if they are afraid of the extra&bath;os, if you are happy or not", explained’ Pickett in an interview telef’nica. Women that habían stopped smoking tenían children clearly más quiet, it&branches;alaron Pickett and his colleagues in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. "Is a association’re significant. We can be sure this is not due to chance", said Pickett. "that están doing (quitting smoking) is to take an acci’n maternal very específica to protect your bebés. What we see as a marker for other characterícharacteristics of the women who do manage to quit. Alsoén may be a marker for a carácharacter más fácil". "As’, women who quit smoking during pregnancy have a better functioning in general, including relations más stable, más ability to use the resources of the community and vital circumstances less disruptive and stressful, and are less likely to have a past of social problems and antisocial behavior, compared to women who smoke during pregnancy", read the report. The study demonstrated’ that women who smoked a lot of tenían ni&bath;os más difíeasy, with an attitude little positive. "I Think it is very important to avoid stigmatizing women who fail to quit", warned’ Pickett. "And the pregnancy is a élittle stressful".