Nine out of every 10 traffic accidents are related to failures in human and the young people are most affected

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) The human factor está present in nine out of every ten accidents tráfico and the group of people’n más affected are the j’venes, because they represent the first cause of death between 15 and 29 to&years of age, s&number;n standífeatures of the Red Cross, Espa&bath;wave. For these reasons, and coinciding with the proximity of Holy Week, the institution’n present’ today a new edition’n campa&bath;to ‘to Prevent it is to Live’ focusing on this opportunity to spread a new metodologíto work and in this way modify the behavior of drivers and pedestrians, to través of the so-called ‘Conduct A. V. A. (to Warn of the potential risks, Assess the risk involved and to Adopt a safety attitude)’.

Also, during the campa&bath;a, the responsible rememberán the keys of the prevenci’n high school, which is reflected in the ‘Conduct Q. A. S.(Protect the site, Notify the emergency services and Help the vívictims)’. To put in prápractice throughout this plan, the organization’re prepared’ a series of informational materials such as posters, brochures, stickers, and reflective stripes that the volunteers hand oután for these días at points of special interés such as gas stations, áareas of rest, recreation areas, etc., The initiative is leadá held in all the national territory and is directá to the population’n in general, although they mayá greater éemphasis in the j’venes. "The objective is to raise awareness and educate j’venes in particular and create a culture of prevention of accidents", apunt’ responsible for the Health Plan of the Red Cross, Carlos Urkia.